Some Asshat Has Been Stealing My Gas

Stealing Gas
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Some Asshat Has Been Stealing My Gas

Some kids (or maybe an adult) have been stealing gas out of the cars in the neighborhood. I get it, it is expensive at $4 plus a gallon but damn it. I work hard for my money and it cost me $75 today to fill up my truck, so damn it; go buy your own damn gasoline.

To combat this, I purchased a locking gas cap for my truck. I suspected the other day that someone had tampered with it, as all of a sudden the light on the dash came on and the code indicated that the cap was loose. I also suspected it as I put a small strip of paper inside the fuel door and it was missing. I went to check it out and sure enough, someone tampered with it and I think that they broke the cap, as it just turned off after I locked it the last time. I looked it over, nothing appeared to be broken and I turned the cap back into the locked position.

This morning, I was on my way to work, but first I had to fill up my truck’s gas tank. I pulled up to the pump and this was the second time I had to fill up since I installed the cap. I get to the pump this morning and I can’t unlock the damn cap. No matter how I try, the key goes in and turns, but nothing happens. After a minute or so of looking like a fool at the tank (good thing, no one was around at 6 a.m.) I closed the fuel door left the pump and went to the parking lot. There I monkeyed with the lock for another 30 seconds or so and it finally came off. I tossed the broken cap in my trunk bed installed the factory gas cap went back to the pumps and finally filled up. Needless to say, I was a few minutes late to work today.

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