New Chicks

Baby chicks
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New Chicks

Well, we have done it again, we went out and purchased two new baby chicks to replace the one that died (Snoopy) and to give us a little more egg production. These two little girls are ISA Brown chickens. They will grow up to be a nice tan or light brown and lay brown eggs. Aren’t they cute? My daughter named them “Sugar” and “Spice”, don’t ask me to tell you which one is which. They will stay inside for about a month or so and then they will be introduced to our two adult hens “Woodstock” and “Ellie”.

Right now they sound like a squeaky wheel and “cheep” all day long. What is so funny is how my pit-beagle mix wants to play mom to them. She is just beside herself and can’t stop asking to go see them. One of our cats (the alpha) is the same way, he sits there and watches them. When one starts to really cheep loudly or runs around in a panic (they are really sensitive to loud sounds), he jumps up and looks over the edge of their box as if he is talking to them. When they calm down, he goes back to watching them.

Sugar and Spice

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