Lyrica – New Dosage = New Day

LYRICA® (pregabalin)

Lyrica - New Dosage - New Day

Today was the first day of taking Lyrica at a higher dosage. During my last visit, my neurologist wanted to move me off of Gabapentin over to Lyrica. The move was mostly due to Gabapentin becoming a controlled substance in Virginia, plus I was topping out on Gabapentin. So I reluctantly agreed to the move. For some reason, he started off on a low dosage and those days are listed in this blog as Days 1-4. I talked with my neurologist and we agreed to try a higher dosage. So I went from 150Mg a day to 300Mg a day. Today is the first day at 300Mg.

It was much of a repeat of Day 1 at the lower dosage, but I was receiving some pain management from Lyrica this time and that was good. But I still felt like crap, I still left eye vision problems. My chest feels heavy, but my heart rate and O2 levels are good. I’m still tired and exhausted and I’m still very irritable, almost angry or rage feeling. This isn’t good, but I agreed to give it a try. So I will press on.

Note: This is the generic version of Lyrica that was just approved by the FDA last week. Costco made sure they saved me money and special ordered it for me. You rock Costco!

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