Camping and Hiking

I love camping and hiking, it is my place and time to re-center myself, so this will be a place for my stories, trip reviews, recipes, and trails to hike.

I went camping with my family when I was a child, we went about 6-8 times a year and usually to Lazy River Campground (now called River’s Edge Campground) in Pioneer, Ohio. And once annually to Funny Farm Campground (now Loveberry’s Funny Farm Family Campground) also in Pioneer, Ohio, for a Blue Grass Festival that my parents loved. Actually, Funny Farm is literally on the Michigan and Ohio state lines, splitting the campground right down the middle. This is where I caught my first fish as a kid. 

Once my son was old enough, I went camping with him for Cub and Boy Scouts (I was one of his leaders) My mom sold me her old popup camper which we used for a few years, and then my wife and I purchased an RV.

When my son’s Boy Scout Troop got won a spot to go to Philmont for two weeks, my son and I did a ton of hiking trips to prepare. This is where my love for hiking came.

I hope you enjoy my camping and hiking part of the blog.

Our Skamper

Our First RV

February 28, 2024

Our First RV Our first RV was a late 1998 Thor Skamper 21D tent camper that we purchased from my mom. During the four years that we owned this RV, we used it about a dozen times, and we added an upright stand-alone air conditioner to it, to include a board...

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Google's Salute to the Appalachian Trail

Google’s Salute to the Appalachian Trail

October 6, 2023

Google’s Salute to the Appalachian Trail Here is what is included with this Doodle that was created by Nate Swinehart. Today’s slideshow Doodle celebrates the Appalachian Trail — click the Doodle to explore the 2,190-mile footpath that spans across 14 U.S. states! The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking-only footpath...

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Father and son enjoying camping

Is Camping Racist?

September 8, 2023

Is Camping Racist? I’m so over this bullshit, there is nothing freaking racist about camping. it might be harder for someone who doesn’t make good money to go camping, but that doesn’t make it racist. I’m tired of the word racist being used for every damn thing. According to Oxford...

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Camping and Glamping

Hiking, Backpacking, Camping or Glamping

September 6, 2023

Hiking, Backpacking, Camping or Glamping I personally prefer to go camping instead of glamping, but we do own a 22″ Hybrid RV. My son and I have extensive camping experience with Cub and Boy Scouts, and then preparing for our Philmont expedition and then at least one annual Dad/Son trip...

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Camp fire and roasting marshmellows

Daddy-Daughter Camping Trip

August 28, 2022

Daddy-Daughter Camping Trip One thing that I have tried very hard at is spending good quality time with my two children and making memories for them. When my son and I started to prepare for his Boy Scout troop going to Philmont we started doing several hikes a week. While...

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I Googled my symptoms I need to go camping

I Want To Go Camping

March 6, 2022

I Want To Go Camping I’m a little upset that I wasn’t able to go camping for the past two years due to COVID and most of the campgrounds being closed, and this year, I’m not so sure that I’m going to be healthy enough to go on the trip,...

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