Funny Shit on

There are some rather funny and amusing items being sold on,,, AliExpress, and a handful of other drop-shippers. These are just some of the ads that I have discovered and some have been sent to me. I’m not promoting any of these products. If you want to buy them, please do. If you want to share your experience with any of these websites or their products, please comment.

High Heels

Spiked Heels From Hell

December 30, 2022

Spiked Heels From Hell No exactly, but Sephora is an online retailer, so… Now, these bad boys are killers, I couldn’t even imagine how in the hell you would wear them, holy shit! I mean she will be standing straight up on these bad boys.

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Balls for Your Crocs

December 15, 2022

Balls for Your Crocs I have never once in my entire life of 50-plus years wanted a pair of balls to hang on my Crocs (Disclosure, I hate Crocs). But I do love their name “Crocicles” – “Add some balls to your Crocs!”

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Tree dick

Well Now – Dick Planter

November 30, 2022

Well Now I have never in my entire life wanted a dick planter, but if you want one, you can find them online at AliExpress. I mean if you don’t care about having a dick on the side of your planter, then this is for you. And let me say...

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Enlarge Breast

November 14, 2022

Enlarge Breast I have not a fucking clue what the hell an “Enlarge Breast Intelligent Music Bluetooth Massage for Breast Enlargement and Comfortable Massage” is and how you use it. Ok, the “where to use it” is partly self-explanatory, but for the rest of it, I’m clueless. The explanation on...

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Got to go

Treatment for Urine Leakage

November 14, 2022

Treatment for Urine Leakage I have no idea what the product is, but the picture is funny as shit. It looks like they took a photo of water coming out of a shower head and put that so it was coming out of this woman’s ass. That is some damn...

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Self Pleasuring Chair

October 30, 2022

Self Pleasuring Chair I had no idea how this worked until the magic of Google enlightened me. It appears that it is used in combination with a dildo. The banana in the instructions is funny. After some further Google kungfu, I found the below picture, which helps to explain how...

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Penis stretcher

Penis Stretcher

October 14, 2022

Penis Stretcher I’m going to guess that you would use this if you have a small dick and using this will “stretch” it. I’m sure it doesn’t work. I’m also sure that a guy with ripped abs, like the model for this ad, needs to use this device, lol.

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Anal Dialator

I Have No Freaking Idea

September 30, 2022

I Have No Freaking Idea I’m not sure what this is and after seeing the directions, I also don’t know how to use it. It is listed as an “Adjustable Alloy Expansion Device Dilator”, so I Googled “dilator”, and I came up with things to dilate your urethra and some...

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