Is Camping Racist?

Father and son enjoying camping
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Is Camping Racist?

I’m so over this bullshit, there is nothing freaking racist about camping. it might be harder for someone who doesn’t make good money to go camping, but that doesn’t make it racist. I’m tired of the word racist being used for every damn thing.

According to Oxford Languages:

Characterized by or showing prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.


a person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.
“he has been targeted by vicious racists online”
Adjective: having, reflecting, or fostering the belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

of, relating to, or characterized by the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another

a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one’s own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
of or like racists or racism

Well hell, breaks the cardinal rule of using the word in its own definition, so we will toss that one out.

Cambridge Dictionary:

someone who believes that their race makes them better, more intelligent, more moral, etc. than people of other races and who does or says unfair or harmful things as a result
coming from or having the belief that people who belong to other races are not as good, intelligent, moral, etc. as people who belong to your own race
relating to policies, behaviors, rules, etc. that result in a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race

So based on those definitions, please explain to me how in the hell something like camping, hiking, fishing, singing, dancing, and talking can be racist. Some things might be more difficult or near impossible for a particular race to do, but that doesn’t make them racist. Take swimming as an example. While I was in Marine Corps boot camp, we had to pass a swim qualification. The most basic is standing in 4 feet of water in full combat gear and walking a certain distance. We had some recruits who could not pass this part, due to their fear of water. An overwhelming majority of these recruits were “dark green” (dark skin). Why is this, it is a simple enough task? Because they are scared of the water, they have never been swimming, because in the inner cities, there are no swimming pools or if there are, they are either too expensive or they are either this or that. Toss in what you want, and the result is that some of the dark green recruits were not exposed to swimming so they are naturally scared of the water. The good thing is that the Corps does not just toss them out, they work with them for a period to help them get over that fear. If they can’t get over it, then they will be recycled to a new training platoon for another try, if they fail that time, then they will likely be discharged.

An attractive Black woman diving in swimming pool at vacation

But does that make swimming racist? Can something like that even be racist?

Now back to camping. I see plenty of black, Hispanic, and even some Asian families camping, but yes, it is overwhelmingly an activity that white people enjoy. If camping is racist, then can red Kool-aid be racist? Ouch, I know right, and I’m not being racist or even stereotypical. I have plenty of black friends and a majority of them love red Kool-aid, it is a fact, period. But I used it to get a point across. How can something like that be racist, well it can’t, period.

Here is an idea, let’s stop trying to stir the damn pot and let people do their own damn thing for once. If it doesn’t concern you, then stay the hell out of it. This cancels culture shit needs to stop and stop now, before there isn’t anything left for us to do, but sit in a colorless sterile room with no furniture because everything is racist and has been canceled, thus is no longer being manufactured and purchasing older items are forbidden by law.

A pretty woman pouring maple syrup on a stack of homemade pancakes

I personally love to go camping and if you are black, white, red, blue, or orange, you are welcome to camp at the site right next to me, I don’t care, you do you and I will do me. i will talk to you if you will talk to me. I will share with you if you share with me. if you keep to yourself, that is fine too, you do you and I will do me and we will get along just fine. If the media would stop trying to fuel the fires the world would be a happier place. I mean do you feel safer now that we cancelled maple syrup?

As for the Trump flags everywhere that this person must be triggered by, I’m sorry, but I will see one or two, along with one or two MLB, Rainbow, and various sports teams that just don’t appeal to me, but you know what I do? I ignore them and move on with my life, because they are allowed to fly those flags if they want, after all, it is a free country.

What does all this racism talk actually do, it takes attention away from the real racism issues.

Our family loves camping, camping is what we do

To answer the question about racism, that is a big “No”. just because something isn’t available to someone, that doesn’t make it racist. I can’t own a Lamborghini because I can’t afford it. It don’t look at that as being racist or being any other word that you can throw at it. It is simply that I don’t make enough money and I’m fine with that. 

I’m positive that there are many things that are rich in black culture that a white person could say are racist because they can’t use it or don’t like it or anything stupid like that.

It is time that we stop believing everything that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is trying to sell us. They have an agenda and if you think they don’t then you need to read this post, the video will change your mind.

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