Decent Cheap Stuff

This will mostly be the funny things from and Aliexpress, but on occasion, there will be some decent stuff that isn’t too costly. 

5 star reviews

Amazon – Paying for 5-Star Reviews

September 5, 2023

Amazon – Paying for 5-Star Reviews Problem: Paying for 5-star reviews I needed a hands-free earpiece for my cell phone while I’m teleworking. I found the Bluetooth Headset, ICOMTOFIT Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece, V5.0 Hands-Free Earphones with Noise Cancellation Mic for/Business/Office/Driving, Compatible with Android (Green) and ordered one, and I have...

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Three Amazon boxes

Amazon – Quality Control

September 1, 2023

Amazon – Quality Control This is post nine of my 10-part series on Amazon Problem: Quality control Fokes Locking Gas Cap, Lock Fuel Cap Compatible with Dodge Jeep Ram – Challenger Grand Caravan Ram 1500, Cherokee Wrangler I purchased locking gas caps for all of our vehicles when gas was...

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Amazon smile

Amazon – White Label Products

August 28, 2023

Amazon – White Label Products This is post eight of my 10-part series on Amazon I needed to have a camera to monitor our horses and one for the chickens as well as a few other exterior items. So I invested in 8 of these Outdoor 1080p cameras, they were...

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Amazon app on smartphone

Amazon – Product Misrepresentation

August 24, 2023

Amazon – Product Misrepresentation This is post seven of my 10-part series on Amazon I had at least one of the ten cats in the house having a problem in the litter box. Normally this goes away by itself in a couple of days, but this time was different. So...

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Amazon boxes being carried

Amazon Reviews – Seller Soliciting 5-Star Reviews

August 20, 2023

Amazon – Seller Soliciting 5-Star Reviews This is post six of my 10-part series on Amazon – This is about soliciting reviews. Problem: Seller soliciting 5-star reviews Problem: Product quality control Problem: Image manipulation Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth and Clenching Anti Grinding Teeth Custom Moldable Dental Night Guard Dental Night...

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Amazon boxes - Amazon Fails

Amazon – Seller Providing An Alternative Product (bait and switch)

August 16, 2023

Amazon – Seller Providing An Alternative Product (bait and switch) This is post five of my 10-part series on Amazon Problem: Seller providing an alternative product (bait and switch) I needed some padlocks for out at the farm, we had a new boarder and now things are missing and gates...

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