Being in the tech field, I have the opportunity to be exposed to SCAMS all the time. I use this knowledge to help my friends and family to steer clear of scammers. 

I’ll post here on recent and current scams and how to avoid them.

HP Printer Ink

HP Ink and Toner as a Subscription Service

October 31, 2023

HP Ink and Toner as a Subscription Service HP seems to be dipping its feet into the “product as a service” or subscription-based with their “Instant Ink” service. Long story short, they will send you “free” ink if you subscribe to their service. They will monitor your printer and when...

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Who In The Hell Is Eric Jones?

June 14, 2023

Who In The Hell Is Eric Jones? There is a crap ton of SPAM going around by the pseudonym of “Eric Jones”. His spam messages usually attack web forms like contact us and can bypass Google Captcha. Below is an example of what it looks like: Hey there, I just...

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When is a Golie Not a Goalie?

May 14, 2023

When is a Golie Not a Goalie? I logged on to my Facebook page and I noticed that someone by the name of “Golie K” that I don’t know had liked 10 of my posts, some were several months old. I looked at the profile and it was for an...

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Robocall Scams – Part 1

December 10, 2022

Robocall Scams – Part 1 This is the first post in a series about Robocall Scams This first post will talk about what a robocall is, give some samples and talk about ….. In future posts will we will actually talk about how they work and how to stop them....

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Walmart Buyer Beware

September 12, 2022

Walmart Buyer Beware A long-time scam is when an unaware buyer buys products from a large retail website such as, like many large e-commerce websites, allow third-party sellers to sell items on their website. Most consumers think that they are ordering directly from Walmart, when they are actually...

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More Credit Card Skimmers

April 14, 2022

More Credit Card Skimmers After we learned all about Credit Card Skimmers and how difficult it can be to stop the spread of them, how are they showing up everywhere? You Can Buy Them A quick search on the web reveals that you can buy them on sites like,...

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