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Welcome to the Military and Veteran page of my blog. As a former active duty Marine, military and veteran issues are important to me. Most of the time this page will have funny shit, but if there are important issues, I will post those as well. 

I joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school, stepping on the yellow foot prints at MCRD San Diego in 1988, graduating in May. After a weeks leave at home, I was off to A-School at Pensacola, Florida, where I earned my MOS of 2631 (Signals Intelligence). From there is was off to Homestead AFB as part of Co H, MARSPTBN. I left homestead just prior to Hurricane Andrew, PCSing to MCAS Cherry Point via C-School at Pensacola again. 

At Cherry Point, I was assigned to VMAQ-2 as an ELINT analyst, deploying twice to Iwakuni, Japan. After Cherry Point it was off to Damneck, Virginia to be an instructor at NMITC (Navy Marine Corps Training Center). I left the Corps in 1998, but the Corps and the military are both still near and dear to my heart. 

The yellow footprints at Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Marines and Yellow Footprints

September 26, 2023

Marines and Yellow Foot Prints If you talk to a Marine or are hanging around one of us (don’t worry, we will gladly inform you that we are Marines) you have certainly heard about the infamous yellow footprints. Here is the story of those footprints. An overwhelming majority of the...

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Marine color guard

Slogan – The Few. The Proud. The Marines

September 21, 2023

Slogans – The Few. The Proud. The Marines This is very likely the Marine Corps‘ most famous and popular slogan. The above commercials, narrated by Billy Brown, actually give me goosebumps. I either did all the things in the commercial so they really ring true to me or I was...

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USMC Camouflage Uniform Shortage

September 20, 2023

USMC Camouflage Uniform Shortage I was not aware of this until I ran across it on Facebook. It appears that the United States Marine Corps has a major shortage of camouflage uniforms. In fact, the CMC (Commandant of the Marine Corps) was not aware of it until Marines started to...

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MIlitary Medical

New VA Clinic / Hospital

September 20, 2023

New VA Clinic / Hospital The New Veteran Affairs Clinic / Hospital in Fredericksburg is coming along nicely. Officially called the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic – Fredericksburg Health Care Center (HCC), is located in Spotsylvania County, just two miles south of the Fredericksburg City...

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North Korean Generals

North Korea Trigger Control

September 17, 2023

North Korea Trigger Control To Mark The Anniversary of the Korean War – Kim Jong Un Gifts Pistols to His Generals These photos are from July 2020, but nonetheless, still humorous. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un praised military officers at a ceremony marking the 67th anniversary of the end...

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Long Haired Creepy People

Marine Corps Research

September 15, 2023

Marine Corps Research I was doing some research for a new post, as I like my posts to be accurate and full of information. While doing this research, I ran across this video. I have several comments about this video. Whose LCpl is this? Get him a fucking haircut And...

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POW/MIA Flag being flown

National POW / MIA Recognition Day

September 15, 2023

National POW/MIA Recognition Day Did you know that nearly 81,000 American service members still remain missing after having served in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and other conflicts involving the U.S. The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency has worked to recover 127 service members in 2023. That...

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restricted area - authorized personnel only sign

Embarrassing Things That Happen At The Military Base Gate

September 12, 2023

Embarrassing Things That Happen At The Military Base Gate 1. I’ve dropped my ID card onto the ground when holding it out. Multiple times. Sometimes the person picks it up. Sometimes I get one that stares at me like, “Am I supposed to get it? Am I your personal servant?”...

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