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Welcome to the Military and Veteran page of my blog. As a former active duty Marine, military and veteran issues are important to me. Most of the time this page will have funny shit, but if there are important issues, I will post those as well. 

I joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school, stepping on the yellow foot prints at MCRD San Diego in 1988, graduating in May. After a weeks leave at home, I was off to A-School at Pensacola, Florida, where I earned my MOS of 2631 (Signals Intelligence). From there is was off to Homestead AFB as part of Co H, MARSPTBN. I left homestead just prior to Hurricane Andrew, PCSing to MCAS Cherry Point via C-School at Pensacola again. 

At Cherry Point, I was assigned to VMAQ-2 as an ELINT analyst, deploying twice to Iwakuni, Japan. After Cherry Point it was off to Damneck, Virginia to be an instructor at NMITC (Navy Marine Corps Training Center). I left the Corps in 1998, but the Corps and the military are both still near and dear to my heart. 

Downloading integrity

Integrity – It Matters

July 16, 2024

Integrity – It Matters This is a really good video shared by SSgt Nichols. For those who are not in the know, SSgt Michael Nichols is a Marine Corps veteran. He was a drill instructor and was featured in the Black Friday: Dark Dawn film. From IMDB: SSGT Nichols is...

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Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Recruiters Are Failing at Their Mission

July 1, 2024

Recruiters Are Failing at Their Mission One of the most difficult jobs in the military is to be a recruiter. With recruitment numbers being down, and I mean they are way down, recruiters are having to work harder and come up with ways to attract today’s youth. There are some...

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VMAQ-2 Prowler

My Marine Corps Brothers

June 15, 2024

My Marine Corps Brothers ***NOTE*** I have many Marine Corps sisters as well, but this particular post is about my male Marine friends. True Story, but the names have been changed to protect….. I made a ton of friends while I was in the Corps, but one seems to stick...

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embrace the suck

Does Being in the Marine Corps Suck?

June 14, 2024

Does Being in the Marine Corps Suck? I saw this posted on a forum recently and I felt like I should answer it here. First and foremost, everyone’s experience in the Corps is different and unique to that person. Second, it all depends on your experience. In my case, I...

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fat military

Military Weight Standards

June 11, 2024

Military Weight Standards I can’t believe that the U.S. Military is allowing members to put on this amount of weight without giving them the boot. I know that we are hurting for military members but, don’t worry, if we run out, all of us old gray-haired Jarheads will more than...

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Boot Camp

Skipping Boot camp

June 7, 2024

Skipping Boot Camp No, I’m not talking about Sgt Howard Davis, who managed to be a Marine without going to boot camp. I have a post about Sgt Howard Davis here. I’m not even talking about the Marine Corps Band, where musicians are recruited into the band skip boot camp,...

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