Me and my family love our pets, we have a whole herd, including dogs, cats, a rabbit, chickens, and horses. 

Over the years my kids have had pet turtles, spiders, lizards, hermit crabs, ants, worms, tadpoles, and butterflies. I think I got them all. This page will be where the cat memes go, the how-to, the tips and tricks, and so on, all related to pets will be.

Hay Close Up

Maya Loves Her Hay

March 14, 2024

Maya Loves Her Hay Maya, who is a mix of draft and quarter horse just loves her horse. Being part draft, she is super lazy and when she walks up to you, she has this big swing both in the front and her back. This horse loves to pull her...

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Rocket Raccoon

My Hens Were Harassing By A Little Trash Panda

October 2, 2023

My Hens Were Harassing By A Little Trash Panda Damn little trash panda (raccoon) is trying to get himself some chicken nuggets (my hens) for lunch. It was a nice Saturday afternoon and I’m working on my computer like most weekends and she screams for me to come quick. I...

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huge livestock water trough

Farm Work Is Hard – Water, Water, Water, Everywhere

September 10, 2023

Farm Work Is Hard – Water, Water, Water, Everywhere Having any animal as a pet, you must supply them with the basics and that includes water. Getting water to where we need it at the farm can be challenging at times. Our field was recently divided into two so my...

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Hose with a pinhole leak

Farm Work Is Hard – Hose Repair

September 2, 2023

Farm Work Is Hard Work – Hose Repair I have taken the past few weekends, to do some much-needed maintenance at the place we board our horses. The first thing on the agenda was to repair the hose that takes the water from the top of the field to the...

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do not feed my dog

Someone is Trying to Hurt My Dog

August 30, 2023

Someone is Trying to Hurt My Dog This one pisses me off very much, as I love my dog very much, she is very important to me and my family. I can’t yet, pin this on someone, but I am fairly certain that it is my neighbor. I got a...

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Our Hen Woodstock

Goodbye Woodstock the Hen

August 30, 2023

Goodbye Woodstock the Hen I’m sad to report that we lost the last of our original hens. This was Woodstock (‘Stock’ for short) and she got sick and we just couldn’t get her healthy again. We had brought her inside the house and she was living in a large dog...

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