Me and my family love our pets, we have a whole herd, including dogs, cats, a rabbit, chickens, and horses. 

Over the years my kids have had pet turtles, spiders, lizards, hermit crabs, ants, worms, tadpoles, and butterflies. I think I got them all. This page will be where the cat memes go, the how-to, the tips and tricks, and so on, all related to pets will be.

Did we just smash Cosmo

Did We Smashed a Barn Cat?

October 2, 2022

Did We Smashed a Barn Cat? This is Cosmo, one of the barn cats at the farm where we board our horses. I know that it looks really bad, but actually, the pallets were laying on the ground and Cosmo (who I call “Fluffer-Nutter”) just climbed under them to escape...

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Farm Work Hurts!

September 25, 2022

Farm Work Hurts! Yesterday was scheduled to be another farm work day, normally we have one, on average once a quarter. It normally entails me repairing, building, or installing things on the part of the property where we board our horses. Plus, I often lend a helping hand to the...

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Farm Work Day

September 18, 2022

Farm Work Day Today was another farm work day, the owner of the farm had paid a bulldozer operator that he knows, to clean up the fencelines, and a part of our field was being done today. I wanted to make sure that if anything got damaged, I could be...

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Farm Work Day

Farm Work Day

September 3, 2022

Farm Work Day We designated this weekend as a farm clean-up weekend. The first thing on the list was to repair the pallet mini shelter that we constructed about 2 and a half years ago. It has fared very well actually, but we needed to put a new tarp on...

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Bandit the goat

Pet Goat

August 31, 2022

Pet Goat My horse, Maya has two pet cats and a pet goat. When my daughter’s horse passed away last month, my horse (Maya), lost a long-time friend and companion. They had been in the same small herd for around 8 years so they got really close to each other....

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Oreo the bunny

The Death of Our Rabbit

August 30, 2022

The Death of Our Rabbit Somewhere around 2010-2011, we rescued a domesticated rabbit. The family that had him no longer wanted him and they were going to let him go into the wild. He is a black and white mini lop and he wouldn’t be able to adapt well to...

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Brown Eggs

Elle the Hen

August 7, 2022

Elle the Hen It has been a really rough week, as today, we lost Elle, one of our hens. We aren’t sure exactly what happened, but she has been sick for a few weeks. We will miss you, Ms. Elle.

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Sad Day At The Farm

August 6, 2022

Sad Day At The Farm It was a very sad day today on the farm, my daughter had to euthanize her horse, Justina. She had worked so hard over the years to gentle and then train her. She was a rescue horse for a local horse rescue, where she was...

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