Cool Websites

These are some cool websites that I have run across in my daily life, surfing the web. I hope that you can find one or two that really help you out.


Music Makes The World Go Around

August 24, 2022

Music Makes The World Go Around Radio Garden If you are into music, then you might enjoy this website that I ran across. It is Radio Garden and they have hundreds of radio stations from around the world. Radio Garden is actually a project by a non-profit Dutch radio and...

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radio active


July 24, 2022

RadioActive Nope, no the Imagine Dragons song, nope, not even RadioActive by The Firm. I ran across these two maps that track radioactivity in the local environment. I didn’t realize that the United States has so many detection devices along major highways. Take 1-95 in Northern Virginia. Around 2006 the...

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Photo Editing

Cleanup Pictures

June 24, 2022

Cleanup Pictures This month’s website is, which does a pretty good job of removing an object from a photo in my case, I uploaded a photo of Average Joe at Great Falls, and then I decided that Average Joe was blocking the view so I removed him. It actually...

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Secret Menu

The Super Secret Menu Items

May 24, 2022

The Super Secret Menu Items There are YouTube influencers who are making money by making videos on fast food restaurants and their secret menu items. Supposedly just about every restaurant has some secret menu items, or items that they serve, but are not on the menu. Things like McDonald’s are...

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Paywall Blues

April 24, 2022

Paywall Blues A paywall is one of those necessary evils and if I frequent a website then I have no problem paying a subscription fee. But what about those sites that you found via Google and you just want to read the one article and you really don’t want to...

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Job Site

I Need a Job!

March 24, 2022

I Need a Job! If you need a job, but are scared of COVID, have a phobia of being around other people, or like me, just not a people person, then maybe one of these websites is for you. This month’s “Cool Website” is actually four different websites that are...

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