Music Makes The World Go Around

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Music Makes The World Go Around

Radio Garden
If you are into music, then you might enjoy this website that I ran across. It is Radio Garden and they have hundreds of radio stations from around the world. Radio Garden is actually a project by a non-profit Dutch radio and digital research project. You interface with the site and navigate through a representation of the globe, listening to broadcasts of local radio stations, referring in some way to the technology of shortwave radios, long distances, but in this case, the means of propagation of the radio edition is by data packets (streaming). (Wikipedia)

What is so cool is that you can listen to a radio station in another country.

If this isn’t impressive then maybe you will be impressed by  – with five o’s, where you not only can select a country or region, but you also click on a time period and listen to a curated playlist of crowdsourced songs from that time and place. Radiooooo came alive in 2013. So if 80’s Russian or 2000s Korean K-Pop is your jam, then radiooooo has you covered.

The Website Addresses:

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