The Smack Heard Around The World

The slap heard around the world

The Slap Heard Around The World

I know that the web is losing its mind on this, and I really don’t see why. First I don’t see what the big deal is with Jada being bald (yes I know she has Alopecia), I mean black women have been shaving their heads or cutting it extremely close for decades now, so why it is a big deal?

In my opinion, it was all a publicity stunt. The Oscars have steadily lost viewers in the last 40 years. The average American just doesn’t care, and that shows as from 2010 to now, the Oscars went from 41.6 million viewers to 9.85 million viewers. Me, I personally don’t care to hear an actor or actress tell me how my beliefs are wrong and how theirs are so much better. And if I can’t believe what they believe then they don’t want me to watch their movies or TV shows. Excuse me, but first, I can watch what I want to watch, and you can keep your political views to yourself. Honestly, no one wants to hear them. And I know that I’m not wrong, I have many friends and co-workers that feel the same way.

But back to the Will Smith vs Chris Rock slap across the face. I’m going to skip the whole open marriage, cheating thing, as that is between the two of them, and the rest of us really shouldn’t even know about it. It was like the whole Monica Lewinski thing. What she and Bill did was honestly none of our business, but the fact that he lied, is what bugged me. But back to the Oscars, If you watch the video and watch the slow-mo’s and then look at the photos, you can clearly see that it looks fake. I mean, if he was that pissed off to drop the f-bomb twice when why was it an open-hand slap and not a punch in the face? Where was security at? Why did they not cut to commercial?

That is because the Oscars saw nothing but dollar signs. Think of it, next year, I bet that their viewership is about 25 million, which is a huge jump of over 9.85 million. It will slowly decrease from there, but everyone wants to see what the next train wreck will be. This also means that the acceptance speeches will be more political as they will see it as a way to get their ideas out. What is scary is that so many people eat that shit up like it is gospel. Actor XYZ said that I should use this product or vote this way, it is so sad what a bunch of zombies people are.

Here is the slow-mo

Here are the still to look at and judge for yourself

Here are some that I found online that is damn funny

And if it wasn’t scripted and planned, then it certainly looks that way. Lighten up, it was a joke, period.

Just my two-cents on the topic. You don’t have to agree, and we can still be friends.

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