Growing Up

Growing Up I grew up in North Western Ohio, back in time, when it was still safe to allow your child to play in the streets and for them to walk down to a friend’s house. A time when the street lights came on it was time to go home. In my family, if you… Continue reading Growing Up

April 2018

April 2018 I promised my family that I would one more time try to seek a diagnosis for what is going on with me. My wife made me an appointment with Dr. S, the same Neurologist I saw in 2014. He and I had hit it off then, so let’s see what we can do… Continue reading April 2018

August 2017

August 2017 The first asthma treatment was the inhaled corticosteroids like Breo, and Symbicort (which I had a bad reaction to), and then they also tried Nasonex (which made my throat itch), so they tried Asmanex 220mcg inhaler that they were supplemented with Ipratrapium Bromide Nasal Spray and Mometasone Furoate 50 MCG Spray, after some… Continue reading August 2017


Take a Deep Breathe One of the medical Issues that I have not explained here yet is my chronic cough, I have had it for as long as I can remember. My military medical records indicate that I was seen for it in the early ’90s, and the Corps got really concerned by it when… Continue reading 2016


My Face Hurts It was on a Thursday in mid-October, when I started to experience what I thought was a really bad toothache. I knew it wasn’t my teeth, it just didn’t feel like it. Friday I awoke and it had started to radiate outwards. Friday night I was popping 8-hour Tylenol every few hours… Continue reading 2014


2012 Emergency Room & Surgery January 12, 2012, I was having a rough time, but it was not neurologically based this time, it was my diverticulitis acting up, which ended up putting me in the hospital for three days, due to a small perforation in my bowel. I was laying at home, feeling like crap,… Continue reading 2012

July 2010

Philmont Scout Ranch – 2010 In 2010, my focus was heavy on Boy Scouts, the Troop had won the lottery to go to Philmont, Boy Scout reservation in New Mexico. For those not in the “know” Philmont is basically the end all be all of Boy Scout reservations in the US. It is where the… Continue reading July 2010


2008-2009 Some of my neurological symptoms changed while others stayed the same. I still had increased numbness on the left side (arm, leg, crotch, and face) and shooting pains (hand and feet), and the feeling of being off balance stayed constant as well. I really started to bump into things every now and then (mainly… Continue reading 2008-2009

December 2007

Neurologist #5 (Dr. S) Then I finally got accepted into Johns Hopkins Medicine, which is like the end all be all for Neuroscience in the United States. I remember the long drive up to Baltimore and being all excited to finally skip all this BS and get somewhere in this process. Well, that turned out… Continue reading December 2007

March 2006

Neurologist #4 (Dr. L.) In early March 2006, we finally visited the next round of neurologists. This time we chose the Department of Neurology – University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville, Virginia. I remember not being overly impressed by the office, but what struck me as odd, was that I was asked to… Continue reading March 2006