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Cleanup Pictures

This month’s website is, which does a pretty good job of removing an object from a photo in my case, I uploaded a photo of Average Joe at Great Falls, and then I decided that Average Joe was blocking the view so I removed him. It actually did a decent job and much quicker than most people can do in Photoshop. They bill themselves as being able to “Remove objects and defects from your pictures – 100% free”. Plus it is 100% open-source, which is a huge plus for me.

Simply upload (or drag) the photo you want to edit and then use the brush to highlight the part that you want to remove (doesn’t need to be exact) and then you are done (you let go of the mouse button) the magic starts and the object is removed from the background of the photo.

The only drawback is that it is limited to 720p unless you upgrade from the free to the pro version, which offers an unlimited resolution. Cleanup Pictures is brought to you by the same company that is behind ClipDrop for iOS.

**Note** it was after I did all the screen grabs and I was uploading this post, I noticed that the software didn’t catch his hat. But the results still look pretty good. In fact, I’m actually impressed with the AI, as it knew that there was a reflection in the water.

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