Amazon – Quality Control

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Amazon - Quality Control

This is post nine of my 10-part series on Amazon

Problem: Quality control

Fokes Locking Gas Cap, Lock Fuel Cap Compatible with Dodge Jeep Ram – Challenger Grand Caravan Ram 1500, Cherokee Wrangler

I purchased locking gas caps for all of our vehicles when gas was over $4 a gallon. The other locking caps are working, but it looks like someone tried to force mine open and broke it. It took me about 20 minutes with the key in hand to remove the damn thing. It was really sad, I was at the Costco gas station with a long line and here I am, the dork that can’t unlock his gas cap, duh. I had to leave and remove it in the parking lot and get back in line. I tried to complain, but Amazon denied the review and wanted me to reach out to the seller. I did and they tried to get me to do a positive review and they would send me a new cap and refund my money. I wasn’t interested in playing that game at the pump again. I went and purchased a reliable Stant cap.

Customer satisfaction is a big problem for Amazon, The Wall Street Journal did an article about it in November 2022.

Amazon locking gas cap

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