Amazon – My Personal Amazon Fails

Amazon Fails
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Amazon - My Personal Amazon Fails

This is post one of my 10-part series on Amazon

Here are some of the actual issues and exchanges that I have personally had with Amazon sellers in 2022.

1. Problem: Key details about the product(s) are being withheld
2. Problem: Keyword stuffing

I needed some motion detection spotlights for use out at the barn, mostly in the hay storage area and the dry lot where I keep the two miniature horses. After some searching through Amazon, I found, Solar Lights Outdoor, 210 LED 2500LM Solar Flood Security Lights with 25FT Motion Sensor IP65 Waterproof 3 Heads Spot Flood Wall Lights for Porch Garage Yard Entryways Patio (Black, 2pcs) for $39.99. These are simple solar-charged LED spotlights with motion detection. Nothing fancy about them, but that is hard to tell with the super spammy titles (Amazon, you need to fix this, it is really bad). Based on the title alone, I can surmise that these lights are:

Solar charged
LED with 210 LEDS, not sure if that is 210 total or 210 in each part (there are three parts)
2500 lumens, I like how they interchanged LM for lm
Flood light
25 Foot motion detection sensor (can detect up to 25 feet away)
IP65 – Here is a great chart explaining the IP ratings
There are 3 heads
2 pieces

These had 4.4 stars (which seems to be the average for most products on Amazon). They had 3,800+ reviews, with many of them as “Verified Purchase”, which we talked about yesterday. I received it exactly as described, except I missed the part of the description that states that the light stays on for 20 seconds. So if you are Flash Gordon,  you are good, but the rest of us, that can’t park, get out and run to our front door in 20 seconds are shit out of luck.

The description does indeed state that they stay on for 20 seconds and I can tell you that in the hay area at the barn, it gets extremely annoying as I’m working directly in front of the PIR sensor (passive infrared) and the damn thing keeps going off, regardless of where I’m standing in relation to the PIR sensor.

This is a very recent purchase and I recently posted a negative review. I will see what Amazon does with it. I will also openly admit that this one is on me, I didn’t see the 20 seconds in the product description.

Solar Lights Outdoor 210 LED 2500LM Solar Flood Security Lights with 25FT Motion Sensor

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