Who Is In Control Of Your Television?

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Who Is In Control Of Your Television?

I briefly talked in one of my posts about Anonymous hacking the Russian state media that the American MSM is not officially run by the Government, but a group is running it and they have a political agenda.

This viral video from Deadspin, clearly shows that the MSM (Mainstream Media) is very much “fake news”. That group is the media giant Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (SBG) is a publicly traded American telecommunications conglomerate that is controlled by the descendants of company founder Julian Sinclair Smith. Headquartered in the Baltimore suburb of Cockeysville, Maryland, the company is the second-largest television station operator in the United States by the number of stations (after Nexstar Media Group), owning or operating a total of 193 stations across the country in over 100 markets (covering 40% of American households), many of which are located in the South and Midwest, and is the largest owner of stations affiliated with Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, MyNetworkTV, and The CW. (Thank you Wikipedia for that information)

This is not about the left or the right; this is about one side or the other, being able to control the message that is being pumped into our homes every evening.

The problem is that if I was in control of one of these powerful groups, I could state whatever I wanted, with no facts to back it up, and make many of those viewing my message believe anything I want. Many people do not validate anything that they post, share, or talk about, and with Social Media, my outreach would actually be able to control the narrative and the message, and thus influence in very powerful ways, events like elections.

Imagine that if I control 40% of the television and media in the United States. I could in theory say that the earth is actually in the shape of a banana (sorry Flat Earthers). If I continue to feel this in my daily media outlets, with one story here and another there and a sprinkle of one here and there, I can get a large portion of that 40% to believe what I’m trying to say and by doing that I have influence over those people. Now, add social media into the mix and my reach is even further. If each one of that 40% spreads the word via social media, I can grow my influence even further. And what do I have? I have “Fake News”, or media controlled by an outside source who may have a political agenda. This is a huge reason why this country is more divided today than ever.

Since around the 1992 presidential election, the use became more and more divided and that could not be truer than in the 2000 election where the results were a 47.9% and 48.4% split. I am not saying that MSM or the Sinclair Broadcast Group are to blame for anything, but it is very clear that they are controlling the message.

So how do we fix this? Simple, we stop putting money into their greedy pockets, we stop watching them, and we stop patronizing them. Once we stop, they will lose money and when they lose money, they have no choice, but to change or fall by the wayside. Cut the cable and get your news online. Find sources that are NOT in line with your political views, and find sources that are impartial.

I switched years ago and I no longer get news from the big boys (FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC…). You will be shocked if you start getting your news from overseas sources. The way they report things is in a totally different light than how things are covered here in the States. Many do not lean left or right as they have no stake in the US game.

There is actually a website that tracks that very topic, Check out the Media Bias chart at https://adfontesmedia.com/static-mbc/, you might be shocked where your media outlet is ranked. If you don’t know if you lean left or right, here is a great infographic to help you.

Left vs Right in the USA

Nice work Deadspin!

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