Hidden Camera Detection – Part 2

Hidden Camera Detection – Part 2 This is the second post in the Hidden Camera Detection series. The first post can be read here. This time I’m testing the Hidden Camera Detector (By The Hidden). Hidden Camera Detector (by The Hidden)The Hidden camera detector by “The Hidden”, has four options: “Hidden Camera“; “Graph“; “Object Detector” and… Continue reading Hidden Camera Detection – Part 2

Google Commemoration Day

Google Commemoration Day On September 7th we commemorate the Google Search Engine. Sometime in January of 1996, Stanford University Ph.D. students Sergey Brin and Larry Page began a research project. This project involved creating a search engine called BackRub, this project would turn out to be the origin of what we now know as Google.… Continue reading Google Commemoration Day


Pimeyes.com Pimeyes.com is a paid image search engine that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to search for a face (facial recognition). I know it sounds like a gimmick, but it is actually very accurate and scary. As a test, I uploaded an image of me, that I just snapped. The image is of my face, straight… Continue reading Pimeyes.com

Robotic ‘Dogs’ to be tested on US/Mexico border

Robotic ‘Dogs’ to be tested on US/Mexico border Interesting stuff here, now I don’t know much about Ghost Robotics, but if they are anything like the products that Boston Dynamics produces, then I can tell you that those illegally crossing the board are in for a special “treat”. Here are some videos of both the… Continue reading Robotic ‘Dogs’ to be tested on US/Mexico border