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Gun Control Game

Let’s play a quick little game and look at three very recent mass killings that made the news.

On May 6, 2023, some asshat with mental issues drives to the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas, stops his car in the middle of the parking lot aisle, steps out of the car with his AR-15-style gun, and starts firing into a crowd of people, killing them all (8 people died in total). When the police arrive on the scene, they made sure that his shithead was rewarded with a third eye. When the MSM gets ahold of the story, who or what is at fault? Well, the gun, of course, I mean why and how could it be anything or anyone else?

A day later, also in Texas (Brownsville), another asshat intentionally drives his car into a crowd of people standing at a bus stop, killing eight and seriously injuring 10 more according to the MSM, who or what is at fault? Well the driver, of course, must have had mental issues. But not once did the MSM blame the Ranger Rover that he was driving.

A couple of days prior to the Allen, Texas shooting, some asshat in California, grabs his chef knife from his kitchen and goes on a spree, stabbing a handful of people, and killing two. And according to the MSM who or what is to blame? Yep, you guessed it, they don’t once blame the Ginsu (knife), but the person welding it, he must have had some sort of mental issues.

Are you seeing the full picture yet? It isn’t the gun, or the car, or the knife, it is the person who is using those items as a tool. This country has a HUGE mental health problem and gun control isn’t going to fix that. In fact, all gun control is going to do, is keep guns out of the hands of those people who are law-abiding and were never going to go on a shooting spree. Bad people will find a way to do bad things, it is that simple.

Just take a look at the UK, where they have outlawed guns including most police (Bobbys) don’t even carry them. In 2022, they had a 6% increase in knife crimes, where the police recorded 49,265 offenses involving a knife or sharp instrument. That is a 46% increase in knife crimes compared to 12 months in 2011-12 (March 2011-march 2012). That equates to 282 people who were murdered by a knife in 2021-2012 (March – March).

In the United States, that has been 6,432 deaths involving a gun (excluding Suicide) and 208 people have died in mass shootings (May 2022 – May 2023).

The UK has a population of 67 million compared to the U.S. which is 331 million.

The funny thing is that as a gun owner, I have some lazy ass guns as not a single one of them had got up and killed a single person. In fact, my 22 rifle that I have had for some 45 years, has been sitting in my closet and must be the laziest gun in the world as it has a ton of dust on it

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