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Amazon - White Label Products

This is post eight of my 10-part series on Amazon

I needed to have a camera to monitor our horses and one for the chickens as well as a few other exterior items. So I invested in 8 of these Outdoor 1080p cameras, they were sold under the Rollgan and Umino names, for $55-45 each. They were listed as Rollgan – Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, 1080P HD Rechargeable Battery Powered Home Security Cam Smart Surveillance WiFi Camera with IP65 Waterproof, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio, SD Storage

and UMINO Security Camera Outdoor,1080P FHD Wireless Rechargeable Battery Camera for Home Security,PIR Motion Detection, Siren Alarm,2 Way Audio,Night Vision,Waterproof,8GB Micro SD Card

I went all in on these damn things, I purchased eight of them and new micro SD cards and Solar Panels from StartVision for them. I have them at the house and at the farm.

They worked well for the first 6-8 months and now almost every one of them is telling me that they can’t read or write to the SD card. I have tried new cards, reset the cameras, and formatted the cards in and out of the camera, but nothing works. So now they are only able to monitor in real-time. I’m not a very happy camper about this one.

They also are sold under the Zeeporte Security and Adorbee label, as all three are 100% identical except the name on the side of the camera, this is very common in white label products, where the vendor purchases an unmarked device and then labels it as their own.

***Update*** I still own and use six of these daily

Wireless security cameras from Amazon

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