Fake and Counterfiet Products

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Fake and Counterfiet Products

In some foreign countries, counterfeiting electronics, or any merchandise for that matter is big and I mean big business. Almost 60% of the electronics in Nigeria and other developing countries are fakes or clones. These gadgets are mostly manufactured in China and smuggled into the country which results in billions of dollars of loss to the government of the respective countries. These two videos show some of these fake products being branded and the boxes being labeled. This is some very interesting stuff.

When I say fake, I should really say, unlicensed products. They are very likely made in the very same factory where the real products are made, or using the very same schematics and parts. Maybe Sony isn’t paying for these TVs to be made, so someone is making them and selling them for 100% profit.

A Fake Sony TV
A Fake Toshiba A/C Inverter

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