Lyrica – New Dosage = Day 2

LYRICA® (pregabalin)

Lyrica = New Dosage - Day 2

Today is my second day of Lyrica at the higher dosage (100mg 3x day). I’m not so sure this stuff is going to work for me. The pain is still there, it is about a 3 all day long, as with the Gabapentin, it was less and it wasn’t all day long. My eyes are playing tricks on me, they are either swollen, dry, or blurry, depending on the time of the day. I’m tired and exhausted throughout the day and my thoughts are not very clear. I seem to be foggy, not quick on my replies, having trouble making words and I’m still making bad choices. I’m also still having a cough, and chest pains (more like pressure) and at times I’m still getting angry almost to a rage (Hulk Smash!).

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