What a Year This Week Has Been

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What a Year This Week Has Been

What a year this week has beenSo let me state this couldn’t be any more of a truer statement this week. I have had every intention of going onsite to work this week, but so far I have racked up telework hours. I’m sure it won’t be long until they tell me to come in or I will lose my job.

It seems like the Enbrel injections are working for the RA side of the house, but either the weather, the Enbrel, or something else is causing a massive flare on the Fibromyalgia side of the house and then it looks like my Diverticulitis might be jealous that the RA and the Fibro are getting all the attention. I can’t say for a fact that it is Diverticulitis, it could be a side effect from the medications, just not sure yet. Everything I eat makes me super nauseated and upsets my stomach.

But it has been a very trying week. I’m just so thankful that I can currently telework, but I have to be on-site next week, no excuses.

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