Red Flag Laws

Gun Control Laws
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Red Flag Laws

Red Flag laws also scare me, on the surface they make sense, but when Karen and you are having a fight over the color of your flowers in your front flower bed, she’s all bitching that they are too bright and she wants you to replace them with something less bright, there isn’t anything preventing her from her calling the cops and stating that you have guns and you are not safe.

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We have over the years set up an environment where Karen is always right and the cops listen to Karen for some reason (likely because she never shuts the fuck up). If someone is offended then we must change everything to accommodate this single person. The problem with that is, that there is not one single thing in the world that everyone will agree with, which translates to, everything you know and love is going to change in some way, somehow, because someone is offended by it and demands change. And the really sad part is that what you like, what you want just doesn’t matter. Today it is guns, and tomorrow it is your dog and the next week it is your car. Yeah, those things sound extreme but think about it just for a second, and you will realize that what I’m saying is correct. We are seeing things that none of us ever dreamed would happen in our lifetime.

How many articles have you seen about a veteran that had to take down their military flag, or remove a bumper sticker? I had someone once bitch about my 3’x5′ standard-size USMC flag. Now the flag that I’m proud to fly showing that I served this country in the military is offensive, but the guy down the street can fly his rainbow gay pride flag and that is not offensive. I earned the right to fly my flag, I gave 10 years of my life to this country and I would have given my life for it if it was called upon. But you fly a flag to show the world that you are gay, which is a lifestyle choice and that is somehow acceptable, but my flag isn’t. Now, I’m not knocking the rainbow flag, I’m not offended by it, I honestly don’t care, it just hits hard to know that my flag is not allowed to be flying as someone registered a complaint. I was once called a baby killer by some witch on the street many years ago while I was in uniform in a parade. I’m sorry, I have never killed a baby, I have actually been present for the birth of five babies being brought into the world (two of my own children), so I’m clearly not a baby killer you crazy bitch.

He served in Vietnam. His HOA just ordered him to remove an American flag from his mailbox

Marine’s dad removes Semper Fi flag from window rather than face simple fine

HOA orders Marine wife to remove her flag

Alright, back on track with Red Flag laws – The current type of “red flag” laws that are out there tend to be, that someone can complain that you have a gun and the cops will come and disarm you and confiscate your guns in the process. They really don’t need any significant proof that you are going to cause harm with said gun and that is the scary part. In many cases, there isn’t an order signed by a judge, there isn’t a trial or anything, it is basically, knock, knock we want your gun. And the poor police are on the receiving end of all the bad things that these Red Flag laws bring. Let’s take the most recent mass shooting crime, at an Elementary school in Texas. Once again (as this seems to be the norm), the shooter was on the FBI’s watch list, yet he was able to purchase, legally, I might add, two AR-15-style guns and at least 375 rounds of ammunition. How is that possible? What the hell is the watch list even for if someone is allowed to legally purchase two AR-15-style weapons? I guess the FBI, “watched” him make those purchases, duh!

Red Flag
I’m not saying Red Flag laws don’t work, according to an article, I recently read – “Currently, 19 states empower a judge to take away a firearm from anyone who poses an extreme risk to others or themselves.  In Connecticut, for every 10 to 20 firearms removed, a life is saved, according to one study. In California, there have been at least 21 cases when a “red flag” law disarmed people threatening mass shootings.”

What I am saying, it there needs to be a strong process and a real threat to the public before the law should be called upon to disarm someone. There needs to be solid checks and balances, so Karen just can’t complain that her neighbor has a gun (that she has never seen), but she hates him so she is calling for him to be disarmed. But the process also needs to be streamlined in a way that the Government “red tape” just doesn’t bog down the who thing.

Maryland’s ‘Red Flag’ Law Turns Deadly: Officer Kills Man Who Refused To Turn In Gun

The Karen effect is real and it is causing so many problems.

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