Brrrrrrrrrrrt, That’s Why

Brrrrrrrrrrrt, That’s Why This just happens to be the Chinese Type 730 CIWS (Close-In Weapons System). It fires a 30mm round and is capable of firing up to 5,800 rounds per minute. The Type 730 is very similar to our Phalanx CIWS, which fires depleted uranium shells at a rate of 4,500 rounds per… Continue reading Brrrrrrrrrrrt, That’s Why

Gun Control & PTSD – Interesting Point of View

Interesting Point of View – Gun Control & PTSD I asked my daughter who was around 16-17 years old at the time, about her thoughts on gun control, and she said that former veterans should not be allowed to own guns. I was taken aback by this view, as most people have the opposite thought… Continue reading Gun Control & PTSD – Interesting Point of View

Decatur, Illinois Police Shooting

Decatur, Illinois Police Shooting ***NOTE*** I will NOT approve any comments that are racial, period!!! I will not put up with that bullshit, period. Alright everyone, make sure you have your big kid underwear on, I’m not talking Garanimals, I’m talking full-on adult undies. If you are offended, then, maybe this isn’t the place for… Continue reading Decatur, Illinois Police Shooting