Evil People Will Do Evil Things

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Evil People Will Do Evil Things

While doing research for a post, I ran across one of the below, but that prompted me to make this post.
It seems that anytime there is a shooting everyone is quick to blame the gun, it must be the gun’s fault. The funny argument to that way of thinking is if a drunk driver hits another car and kills people, you blame the driver, not the car. So why is the object guilty in one incident and not the other?
But that isn’t the focus of this post. I wanted to see if evil will prevail and find a way to wreak havoc without a gun. Sure enough, I present to you the following:


Alight, this one is too easy, it is the most commonly used weapon, so I’m going to move on as I’m sure we all know how a knife would be used to harm someone. 

Japan knife attack: At least 19 dead
Click the image to be taken to artilce on CNN.com
China faces its own public safety threat: mass stabbings
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I think that this guy nailed his enemies. I guess you can use a hammer, in fact around 500 people a year die from some type of accident or incident that uses a hammer.

Man with hammer attacks schoolchildren in Beijing
Click on image to be taken to article on NYTimes.com

Frying Pan

Now this is creative, and shockingly there isn’t any statistics about how many people die each year from a frying pan. I almost want to laugh at the thought.

NYPD hunting for 5 suspects in bizarre Manhattan frying pan attack
Click on image to be taken to article on Fox5 New York


This guy really screwed things up when he used a screwdriver, yep, a screwdriver to hurt people. I wonder if this was a crime of passion and he only had a screwdriver handy or if was it pre-meditated and he carefully planned out how he will stab people with a screwdriver. 

Fruit stand worker stabbed with screwdriver in unprovoked attack near Fort Greene Park
Click on image to be taken to article on New York Post


I think this guy made the cut, with his scissors attack.

Inmate Attacked With Scissors While Getting Hair Cut, Sustained Injury
Click on image to be taken to article on Outlook India


The Charlottesville car attack was a white supremacist terrorist attack perpetrated on August 12, 2017, when James Alex Fields, Jr. deliberately drove his car into a crowd of people peacefully protesting the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one person and injuring 35. 

Charlottesville car attack
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The moral of the story is that bad people will find a way to accomplish evil, it doesn’t need to be a gun, it could be a hammer, knife, frying pan, screwdriver, scissors, and even a car. If they intend harm, they will find a way. Think about prison and all the stabbings that occur there. These inmates found ways to make a shank (knife) and stab a fellow inmate.

Prison Shanks
Prison Shanks

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