American Flag on the Ground

American Flag
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American Flag on the Ground

I can’t tell you the number of times I have stopped my truck, got out, and picked up a flag that is on the ground. It seems that many people are patriotic enough to fly the flag on their car, but not patriotic enough to stop, turn around and pick it up when it flies off. I have picked up a few larger flags on the ground as well, I assume they were on someone’s truck or something like that and flew off. In fact, right now, I have a strip of an American flag (Outer most seem, where they will fold the flag and sew a hem on it to help with fraying) hanging on the bulletin board in my home office. I have a good 6-8 larger flags that are being stored so I can give them to the American Legion, so their Boy Scout troop can properly dispose of them.

When my son was in Boy Scouts, we held several very nice ceremonies where we destroyed 40-50 flags. If you haven’t participated in one, you are surely missing something.

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