How Much Does Website Design Cost?

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How Much Does Website Design Cost?

On the more budget-friendly end of a website designed by a reputable website design firm, you are looking at $1500 for the most basic and simple website design. This can easily go up to $10,000 and up the range, and many factors affect this number. The complexity of the site and what functions will the website have after it is designed and created?  Elements like contact forms, sign-up databases, shopping carts, and the level of detail in the graphics are very important as well.

There are so many factors that go into the total cost of a website design project. This includes things like the number of pages or if it is an e-commerce website. If it is an e-commerce website, then the number of products that you want to have listed for sale will certainly add to the price. I have had several clients that get upset when I tell them that I charge for the item that they want to be listed for sale. Most feel that I shouldn’t charge for this. I guess they feel that I will set up 1,000 products for free as my time isn’t important. Ultimately it all boils down to time, such as how much time does it take me to do this?

Another sticking point for some clients is charging by the page. Some feel that we shouldn’t charge like that, and some will try to cram 10 pages into one page. That is why I have a limit on the number of words and images that are included as a standard page.

If I have to take time to do it, then I’m going to charge you for it, after all, like you, I’m in business and ultimately I’m in business to make money. It wouldn’t be fair for a customer of yours to expect free services, so why should you expect that from the web design firm?

Another thing that gets me, is a business will pay thousands of dollars for a big phone book ad, or newspaper ad, but they choke on spending any money on a website.

A good quality, well-performing website will cost you a fair amount of money.

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