Super Dave Osborne – Steam Room

Super Dave Osborne – Steam Room Super Dave attempts to break a world record of how long can someone stay in a steam room. Dave didn’t count on the air he was going to breathe to be so “fragrant”. The previous record was 29:35.0 and Dave managed to last 00:16.3 (that is 16 seconds).

Super Dave Osborne – Archery

Super Dave Osborne – Archery Live from New Mexico – Little Jon Running Feather and Dave’s daughter Erin is helping Super Dave. Dave will be strapped to a spinning target and Little Jon Running Feather will attempt to hit the target, missing Dave with arrows.

Super Dave Osborne – Car Crusher

Super Dave Osborne – Car Crusher Live from Stockholm, Sweden, Super Dave attempts a stunt in his $300,000 souped-up car. Dave was strapped in using genuine Saskatchewan seal skin seatbelts. However, there is a terrible communication issue with the nearby crane operator who mistakes Super Dave and his car as scrapyard junk.

Super Dave Osborne – Wrecking Ball

Super Dave Osborne – Wrecking Ball Super Dave attempts to move out of the way of an 11-ton metal wrecking ball, while blindfolded. A miscommunication between Super Dave and the crane operator and his stunt coordinators ends with Super Dave having to be taken to the hospital. This is Super Dave’s wrecking ball “stunt”

The Machine

The Machine Bert has a really good story that he has been telling on stage for years now about how he partied with the Russian Mafia. The story goes on that due to a translation mixup, Bert became known as “The Machine”. The new movie, The Machine is coming out and it takes place 20… Continue reading The Machine