People Watching Again

People watching again
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People Watching Again

My wife and I were at a doctor’s office and while we were going through the check-in process, a lady about 10 feet away, who was also waiting for her infusion to be completed, was talking on her cell phone very loudly in a foreign language via the speakerphone. I mean, the only reason you do this is so you can draw attention to yourself. I can’t understand why people do this. When I’m on the phone, I generally want my conversations to be private and I also respect everyone else’s privacy as well. I’m just glad that she was leaving in a few minutes.

While we were still at the doctor, there was this nurse, who I guess thought she could sing (she can’t), who was singing rather loudly to some song she was streaming through her phone. I mean, sure, we all want to not only hear your music but hear your singing as well. And don’t get me started on how other people smell. Most of us try to go through life and not impact others, but then there are people that bathe in perfume or this case, bring the nastiest shit to eat in their lunch, like seafood. I’m sorry, but some seafood really stinks if you warm it up in the microwave and this shit stunk for sure. It isn’t like she is in an office environment, she has a little hot desk at the nurse’s station surrounded by everyone getting blood treatments.

I was at Target picking up an online order that my wife made. and there was this petite blonde female in her late teens or early 20s who was wearing very tight leggings, you know the kind that is made to not only fit tight but climb up your ass as well. She was jumping all over this guy who was checking her out. She was calling him a dirty pervert and being very vocal about it. I’m sorry, but you only wear skin-tight, ass-hugging, cameltoe-showing leggings for one reason, and that is to show off your body. So you can expect guys to check you out. I thought it was funny because she was just laying into this guy. And yes, I know some women wear leggings because they are comfortable, but if you are wearing them as tight as she was or without panties, then you are doing it for attention, period.

My wife and I were at a local restaurant, waiting to be seated and they didn’t have enough seats for everyone who was waiting, so I was standing and my wife was next to me. Countless, asshat men, came and went and not one offered her a seat. The only reason we were standing is because we offered our seats to a pregnant mom who had one munchkin in tow, and one on the way. I guess chivalry is dead for sure. At this same restaurant, I or my adult son (if he is with us) will always open the doors to our females, and of course, this means, that just about every asshat male that is in the area, has to quickly make it through the door as we are play doorman. I mean, open your own damn door, asshole.

We were at a doctor’s office waiting to be seen by my doctor, and there was this lady who brought her “service” dog with her. This dog was in no way a well-trained service dog, but it did get her what she wanted which was all eyes on her and being the center of attention as everyone was asking her questions about the dog and she was very loud about it. This whole, making any animal a “therapy” animal is such bullshit. If you are going to have an animal that is your “service” or “emotional” animal, they need to be trained, period. I have a cat that can actually (she is not trained to do this), detect most of my RA and Fibro flare-ups a day or so before they occur. She does this to my daughter as well (she has RA and Fibro as well). But I don’t bring her everywhere with me, or anywhere with me for that matter.

I swear doctors’ offices need to modernize their technology. It was President Obama in 2024, (well, actually it was President G.W. Bush who first started the concept of digital medical records), who passed a law that doctors need to be digital, but I swear most aren’t and those that are, just don’t know what they are doing. I was at a new doctor and they handed me a tablet, even though I filled out all the paperwork online as requested. Well, the tablet would reset itself after a few questions. I tried three times and gave up and went to the reception window and the funny thing is she grabbed it from me and tried to do it three times as well. Now, she doesn’t know that I’m in IT and a tech guru, so I found that funny. Then she handed me a second tablet, which did the same thing. Back at the window, I asked her if this was normal and she said, yes it happens all the time, and when they are down, they are all down.

Ok, I get that, I mean they shouldn’t be down, but riddle me this Batman, if you experience this all the time, then why would you grab it from me and try it over and over and then hand me a second one, when you knew it was going to fail. Now the really funny part was after all that she decided to finish my paperwork verbally, which was just one more question. So we wasted all that time on one question. When I left the window, there were six people behind me waiting and of course, she handed them all a tablet. I guess lather, rinse, repeat works, NOT!

A recent doctor’s appointment, it just so happened to be the same aforementioned doctor, just a different day, no dog this time and no tablets to mess with, but there was this man, who stung badly of stale cigarette smoke, that it almost made me gag when I went by him to find a seat. I was about 15 feet from him and I could still smell the nasty smoke. About three minutes later a fire alarm for the entire office complex went off and all the people who worked there just ignored it like it was a daily occurrence. The alarm was still going off when I left following my appointment. Good thing that it wasn’t real, because not one fire truck showed up, how sad.

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Welcome to the Average Joe Weekly blog. This is basically my place on the web where I can help spread some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I served 10+ years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty, but that was some 25 years ago.

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