People Watching

Man in Suit Watching People with Binoculars

People Watching

I love to just sit somewhere and watch people. It is interesting to see how people react and interact with different people, places, and things. Here are some of the more memorable people-watching times.

1. At lunch today and in came this huge family, it was 17 people in all. It was as if they just kept on going and going. I’m sure that had to be different families, but then again, I know someone that I have worked with who has 13 children, so there is that.

2. While eating lunch today, I notice this guy who had to be in his 40s (just based on his graying beard), and he obviously thought he was something, wearing a black t-shirt, a thick gold chain around his neck, both ears pierced with diamond studs and the baseball hat, with the hologram sticker still on the flat bill and turned on his head about 15-20 degrees. That was too funny. He brought back a memory of Scotty P (Mark L. Young) in the movie “We’re The Millers” and his “No Ragrets” tattoo.

Scotty P - No Ragrets

3. The lady was walking into the local COSTCO, her hair was longer than she was tall and the part touching the ground was all nasty and matted, it was gross. She was just dragging it behind her, like a broom or something. I can’t imagine what that would look like at the end of the day, so gross.

4. I was in the bathroom and when I was ready to leave, I unlocked the door I probably didn’t have it open any wider than 5-6 inches and this guy grabs the door and pulls it open and pushes himself in and me out. OMG, seriously, LOL.

5. I was in the bathroom stall at work and I hear someone walking towards my stall and then I see his eye pressed up against the crack in the door, where the door hinges. I yelled and he quickly left the bathroom entirely.

6. One time I was walking into the restroom at work and this guy comes out of the stall after taking a dump with a toothbrush in his mouth. I’m going to assume that he was just storing it in his mouth to keep it clean to use when he was done.

7. I was on travel and the restroom in the hotel had a single shower in it. As I enter the restroom, this guy comes out of the toilet stall, butt ass naked and walks up to the sink, and starts to shave his face, while fucking naked, gross.

8. The worst bathroom story about watching people, wasn’t me actually watching the person, but someone took a dump into the urinal. The whole damn restroom stank so bad and it was now flooding out into the hall and break room. It was absolutely one of the grossest things I have experienced in my life and I was a Marine. Meal time around Marines is one of the most interesting things a person can experience.

9. There is a small roundabout or mini traffic circle in my neighborhood and every morning there is this one guy who makes it a game to see if he can make it through the circle. What I mean is that all four directions have a yield sign and this guy is a good 50 yards away from my 20 yards and he is flooring it to beat me to the circle. I just stop and wait, I’m not in that big of a hurry to destroy my truck.

10. There is this panhandler at the park and ride, where I pick up my carpool at. In the evenings, he is out, practically in the middle of the road, holding his sign and if you honk or go around he starts to yell and flips you off. I guess that is one way to get free money.


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