Who Is This Veteran? – Mr. T

Army veteran - Laurence Tureaud is better known as "Mr. T"

Who Is This Veteran? - Mr. T

Before he fought Rocky Balboa in Rocky III as Clubber Lang, and before he played B.A. Baracus on the TV show “A-Team”, Mr. T was in the United States Army, serving as an MP (Military Police).

Laurence Tureaud enlisted in the Army in 1975 and was actually named “Top Trainee of the Cycle” out of over 6,000 trainees. When he left the Army, he tried out for an NFL spot but was sidelined due to injury. He ended up getting a gig as a bouncer at a nightclub, and that is where he developed his now-famous Mr. T persona.

Mr. T had a trademark hairstyle that was modeled on that of a Mandinka (a West African culture) warrior.

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