People Watching #2

People Watching
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People Watching #2

My second post on people watching and some of the strange behaviors and disgusting habits people have.

Beer Time
My wife and I were at a hotel on travel and we were in line for breakfast and this rather large guy asked if the beer taps were turned on yet. I guess when you are on travel for business, you should take full advantage of the perks, including drinking beer for breakfast.

Toilet Lids
My place of employment replaced several of the toilet seats that didn’t have lids, with seats that had lids. This simply invited the pieces of shit that I work with to take a dump and not flush the toilet. They just simply close the lid and I guess, it is no longer their problem. Freaking nasty ass people.

Handicap Bus Driver
We were checking out of the hotel, I drive my wife up to the entrance (I’m actually about 30-40 feet from the entrance, so others can get to the entrance) and she gets out to return the keys and check out. As she is inside an elderly man is walking out the entrance and a bus that transports those who need special assistance pulls up behind me. The driver is going to make the man walk with his walker to the bus, instead of the damn bus pulling forward and closer to the entrance and the elderly man. That is a special kind of ignorance there.

A little gassy
Another restroom tail here. I was heading into the restroom at work and the person in the stall had some serious gas, the entire time I’m in there, he is passing large amounts of gas. I mean like 10-15 times in a few minutes, I’m washing my hands, thinking to myself as I chuckle, that you might want to see a doctor about that. As I exit the restroom, he lets it all rip, OMG, dude seriously, lol

I Believe in Miracles
My wife and I don’t frequent Walmart, maybe once a quarter if that. We were there this week, just hanging out really. We had some time to kill and we were in the neighboring county, where a Walmart is in the middle of nowhere, so it is very rural, so people watching at Walmart isn’t as fun as it is in town. There was this man who was using one of the scooters provided by the store. In one of the aisles, he stood up, left the scooter behind and walked about 35 feet to get something, and then walked back to the scooter.

Red Mobility Scooter
Just Rude

Pulling into Home Depot this past weekend, and I get ready to pull into a spot I stop about 1/2 into the spot because this lady (who was the driver of the car next to me) comes around and opens the passenger side door to her SUV. She then proceeds to take her time, fumbling around inside the vehicle. After about 45 seconds or more, she comes out carrying a small pomeranian dog, and then about 45 seconds later, a perfectly able man slowly gets out of the SUV, then they fumble some more around inside the vehicle and then they decide that it is time to close the door and walk to the store.

Now, what upsets me here, is that it seems today, people are not interested in the greater good, they are all focused on themselves. When I cross a road or a parking lot, I try to impact those around me in the least possible way, which means making as few cars stop for me as possible. And if there is someone stopping me, I make sure I cross in front of them as quickly as possible. I’m a firm believer that we are all in this game together and that I should have as little impact on others around me as possible. I just wish others believed that way too. This world would be a better place if we all played the same game and stopped trying to make sure that we are the center of attention for everything.

Quick Change

My wife and I are at the Dairy Queen drive-thru and I ordered chicken strips with ranch dip. I noticed that they have a honey mustard dip, so I change my dip from the ranch to the honey mustard, and you would have sworn that I changed the entire order. This girl’s mind was absolutely blown. I’m not sure what the disconnect was, it was so simple, just replace the ranch with honey mustard and call it done. It isn’t like you have to remake the food or anything. So after my wife had to re-read the order back to her several times so she could get it correct. The funny part is that she had the order right, then I changed the dip, haha.

Stupid Eyelashes
Girls, why do you think this looks good, hot, or sexy, it looks totally stupid and I have to relate with the guy at the end of the video, that is exactly what it looks like to me.

My wife and I are at Costco and sure enough, there is the black lady with 2-3″ eyelash extensions, I mean, are you trying to fly with those stupid things?

Driving Through the Hood
I was coming back home and this guy in the neighborhood had to think if he wanted to stop at the stop sign or not. If he choose to run it, which it really wanted to, he would have hit my truck. But at the last second, he decided to stop and then he decided to go again and stop partially in the intersection. I didn’t have a stop sign so there was no guess who had the right away. The sad part is that we see this more and more often as some of the immigrants apparently don’t know how to drive or drive very well and they tend to not understand yield signs and stop signs for some reason.

This is just gross
I know that I talk about restroom etiquette often on the blog, but this is by far the grossest of all the bathroom habits (except the dude that was eating on the shitter), this one is just nasty. I went to use the stall at work (there are just two stalls and two restrooms for about 300 people), and some nasty freak of a person, jizzed all over the damn place. There was rather fresh jizz all over the floor, I nearly slipped on it and I would have been so freaking pissed off it I did. But there was jizz all over the toilet seat as well. I nearly threw up when I saw it all, it was totally disgusting, GROSS!!!

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Welcome to the Average Joe Weekly blog. This is basically my place on the web where I can help spread some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I served 10+ years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty, but that was some 25 years ago.

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