Finally An Honest Political Ad – Gil Fulbright

Gil Fulbright for Senate
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Finally An Honest Political Ad - Gil Fulbright

This is not a real political ad. This is a made-up character called Gil Fulbright. The videos are designed to make fun of how politicians operate and to raise awareness of the corruption in the voting system

I’m so happy that the election cycle is finally over for a few months. But next time, I think I will vote for Gil Fulbright.

Meet Gil Fulbright, he first ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014 with the message “I’m only in this thing for the money, but at least I’m honest about it.

**NOTE*** Gil is not a real political candidate, this is all satire

Honest Political Ads - Gil Fulbright for Senate

It seems like Gil Fulbright or Phil Mamouf-Wifarts (pronounces Fill My Mouth With Farts) really understands what we the people need.

Though Gil/Phi is a satirical Senate candidate — an “honest politician” who will openly take any position on any issue… for the right price. This is part of a series of ads made for and by has a mission to stop corruption in our elections and with our elected officials.

Honest Political Ads - Meet Mrs. Fulbright

Gil was actually sent to Kentucky in 2014 to run for senate against Senator Mitch McConnell and challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Run the Honest Politician for U.S. Senate

But before he could legally run for public office in Kentucky, he had to establish residence there.

Honest Political Ads: Kentucky, My New Home in 2014

It didn’t take long before Gil was exposed for the fraud that he was.

Scandalous Leaked Footage: Gil Fulbright Exposed?

But Gil, hit the campaign trail

Honest Gil Takes The Campaign to Brushy Fork

The cameras caught up with Gil again as he was having a lobbyist spa day and at a NASCAR race.

Honest Political Ads - Spa Day 2014
Honest Political Ads: NASCAR Politics

Gil delivered his campaign speech at Fancy Farm, Kentucky.

In 2016, Fulbright made a run for the Presidency, to run against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I’ll make these videos a second post as this one is getting a little long now.

So what is the real story behind Gil? Gil is actually Frank L Ridley who is an actor and has been in many movies and television shows, like Orange is the New Black, The Blacklist, and 30 Rock to name a few. Besides portraying Gil and acting, Frank is a trained opera singer, being trained at the Boston Conservatory of Music.

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