Political Cheating Just Sucks

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Political Cheating Just Sucks

Can we just agree that both sides are cheating? I’m not talking about husband and wife, or Sports Team “A” and Sports Team “B”, I’m talking about the Republicans and the Democrats. I’m suggesting that everyone on both sides is cheating, but there are certainly some that are cheating. Let’s start with the 2020 United States presidential election. A record number of voters turned out to vote this time, we are talking 159,690,457 people voted. There are 329.5 million people in the United States in 2020. There are 168.3 million registered voters for the 2020 election. That means around 8.7 million registered voters did not turn out to vote in this election. We all know that those numbers don’t jive, and here is why. In my family of six registered voters, (my wife and I, our son and his wife, my daughter and “adopted” daughter) only two of us voted. If I calculate my mother and stepfather and my mother-in-law the ratios don’t match up. My wife and I know personally 7 registered voters that didn’t vote this election. So stating that just 12 million registered voters didn’t vote doesn’t hold water. Okay, that can’t be right let’s try it a different way.

For the 2020 election, there are 257,605,088 Voting Age Population (VAP) in the US. VAP is typically calculated based on census data (‘resident population [21 or 18] years and older’).  There were 159,690,457 ballots counted for the same election. Using this method, there are 97 million that are of age to vote but didn’t vote. This method tosses out the “registered to vote” concept. This looks more like it since I know 7 people who are of Voting Age who didn’t vote in this election. But the 7 that I know are registered, voters.

Let’s try a third method. We will use the Voting-eligible Population (VEP). Voting Eligible Population is an attempt to make an even more precise definition of the population of people who have a legal right to vote. For the 2020 election that was 239.2 million. Using this method we came up with 79.6 million that meet the VEP calculation but didn’t vote.

But again, the VAP and VEP do not take into account those who are actually registered to vote. Registered to vote means that you can actually cast a ballot for any given election that you are registered for. The 7 family members that I know of who didn’t vote were all registered to vote, they just chose not to vote in this election.

We know the numbers don’t match up, which means something isn’t right and someone likely cheated, either knowingly or unknowingly. We need to quickly move forward and secure our election system in order to ensure that no one can cheat and no one can hack into it.

Every single American should want this to be fixed and secure. What if an outside force is in control of our elections?

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