Nothing To See Here, Just Jerking Off

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Nothing To See Here, Just Jerking Off

Check out this one, I ran across this dude, just polishing his knob while Google is driving by, LOL.

Can you imagine, being forever immortalized on the internet because you were masturbating near an open window, just when the Google Maps Street View car cruised by? Now that shit is funny as fuck, I bet this dude will never live this shit down. 

I mean there is no mistaking it, this dude has his cock in his one hand and the other is pushing his pants down.

I’m sure it won’t be long until Google takes this one down. 

Link to Google Maps / Streetview

Some dude jerking off, caught on Google in Bradworthy, England
Just Polishing My Knob, Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here, Just Jerking Off
Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle

By Dewie Seau

Hi, I'm Dewie and I love spending my time looking at Google Streetview and finding the strange and funny. I have a huge collection and AverageJoe has agreed to let me post some of them on his blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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