Women In Cryptology

Women In Cryptology Postage Stamp
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Women In Cryptology

As I stated a week or two ago, I wanted to point out key dates in cryptology. The United States Postal Service celebrates Women In Cryptology with a commemorative stamp to remember the service of some 11,000 women cryptologists during World War 2.

The United States Postal Service celebrates Women In Cryptology
As the US Post Office puts it:

Sworn to secrecy under penalty of treason, the women cryptologists of World War II remained silent about their crucial and far-reaching contributions for decades. Today, they are widely considered STEM pioneers, especially because their wartime work coincided with the development of modern computer technology. Their contributions opened the door for women in the military and have helped shape intelligence and information security efforts for future generations.

“With this stamp, the U.S. Postal Service honors all of the women cryptologists of World War II, whose service played an inestimable role in the Allied victory.” The stamp’s design includes an image from a World War II-era Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) recruitment poster.

You can order your stamp and have it postmarked online.

I would say that when I went to “A” school at Corry Station Pensacola, Florida, about 15-20% of my class was female. The same held true in my “C” schools at Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, Texas, and Corry Station Pensacola, Florida. The classes that I instructed were 8-10 students and each class normally had two females in them. Usually, the females were smarter than my male students. I never rocked out a female, but several male students did. (Rocked out = failed)

Though this stamp commemorates Women Cryptologists in WW2, I’m here to say that they are still today very active in the world of Cryptology.


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