I Got a New Phone

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I Got a New Phone

I’m not one of those people that gets a new cell phone every few months. For me, it is just a phone and device for SMS messages. But it was time to ditch the 5-year-old Samsung Note8. I opted for a Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G, hoping that 5G will actually work in my area (hell, I wish 4G would work in my area).

And of course, finding a good solid case that will not only protect my phone, but also allows me to use the screen without too many limitations is difficult enough, but then add that I want one with a lanyard on it, so I can put it around my wrist to help keep me from dropping the phone.

As I have stated before, with my medical issues. I have a very limited sense of touch and pressure on my left side, and the right side of my body isn’t much better. So I will often be carrying something like my phone or car keys and just drop them on the ground because I honestly forgot I had them in my hand. You don’t realize how much the sense of touch plays in carrying an object. Because of this, I have dropped my phone more than once. So in comes the case with a lanyard. On my Note8, I was using a ZIZO Bolt Series for the Galaxy Note8 case, with amFilm Screen Protector Glass, but that same case for the S20 FE is sold out everywhere I looked so it was evident that I was going to need a new case.

I tried the ANTSHARE IP68 case, and though it looked like it would do a great job protecting my phone, the cover on the screen really didn’t get along with the fingerprint reader, so back to the drawing board. I then found the ZIZO Transform which is the sister to the ZIZO Bolt that I had for my Note8, but it didn’t have a lanyard. But I figured I could add one like I did when the hole on the  ZIZO Bolt Note8 case broke and I made a new one. I simply cut a small slit in the bottom corner of the case and used a SS Phone Lanyard and bingo, repaired.
So I ordered the ZIZO Transform case in Red and when it arrived I was surprised that even though it didn’t have a lanyard, it had the holes for one and I only needed to add the lanyard to it.
The modification was simple and in about 15 minutes I had a new case that I felt good about and a lanyard.
I used red mil spec 550 cord for the lanyard. I trust 550 cord and I have a ton of it. I’m talking about the real stuff with 7 cords inside. This stuff will stand up to 550 pounds of force and if you double it or triple it that will increase as well. I have pulled a car out of a ditch with 550 cord. So I know it will hold my little phone with no problems. And it seemed to feel better than the strap that came with the other cases. The one reason I prefer 550 cord over the lanyards that come with some cases is that 550 cord tends to naturally be stiffer, thus the loop is more open, which allows me to place my hand through it more easier.
Now to finish off my new phone setup, I bought a APPS2Car Ultimate Flexible Arm Magnetic Phone Holder ( and used ShoeGoo to attach a Scosche MAGRKI MagicMount Phone Plate and I’m done. I had to modify the metal plate by bending it a little as the back of the case is not flat.
I have used some LK Screen protectors but have a little issue with them now and then.

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