Renewing The Enbrel Co-Pay Card

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Renewing The Enbrel Co-Pay Card

Enbrel’s motto is “We’re here to help you” and let me tell you, they are here to help.

It was time for me to re-enroll in my Enbrel Co-Pay, and though when I called last year the support people at Enbrel were great, it was still a pain in the backside to get enrolled, get the card, and get the card working with the specialty pharmacy. I can only hope that this year will be better.

I tried to re-enroll on the Enbrel website, and something was really wonky and it kept failing for some reason. So I called the support phone number and in a few minutes, the woman on the other end got me re-enrolled. I was shocked it was that quick, that painless. When she was re-enrolling me, we discovered that for some reason the website was not asking me the second of three questions. Once she got me enrolled again, she said she will draft and email it to the website team to have them look at it. In less than five minutes I was off the phone and taking the card to my calendar for March 2023.

I keep a calendar and tape all the important things to it. Things like time for my quarterly blood tests, time to renew my DMV paperwork, and of course time to re-enroll in the Enbrel co-pay program. I figured by taking the paperwork or in this case the card to the calendar, I would always know where it (or the papers) are at all times. No more trying to recall where I put them.

Done, period.

Thank you, Enbrel for understanding and “getting it”

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