My Horse Has A Pet Goat

Bandit the goat
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My Horse Has A Pet Goat

My horse, Maya has two pet cats and a pet goat. When my daughter’s horse passed away last month, my horse (Maya), lost a long-time friend and companion. They had been in the same small herd for around 8 years so they got really close to each other. We were all worried about how Maya would act and how she would handle the loss of her close friend. they were more than friends, as Justina was going blind and Maya took it upon herself to be glued to her hip and guide her when needed. Over the years those two were very close and had been through thick and thin.

Well, we now know that she misses her dear friend, but she has two pet cats and a goat to help her through the mourning process. The two cats belong to the barn and moved to our field a few years ago when we started storing bulk hay for the winter. They took it upon themselves to keep the hay clean of field mice and other vermin. We feed them nightly to supplement their daily calories and to help keep them healthy. They live in between the round hay bales that are stored under a tarp. If you are not familiar with hay, it is a great insulator, and it will give off heat all night long, so it stays nice and toasty. They bring us the bodies of the mice they catch as offerings to the alpha cats (my wife, daughter, and I). Over the years the cats have gotten very comfortable around the horse and now don’t even move an inch when they are around them.

The goat on the other hand is a new addition to our field. Bandit belongs to the farmer who owns the farm property, but somehow she and Maya became buddies and when Justina passed, Bandit moved into our field and has been there ever since. She loves the taller grass and the abundance of hay. She also gets a little grain at night, which makes her happy.

I came to the field the other day and I found a goat party going on I informed Maya that she was allowed to have one friend sleep over and not an entire herd of goats. I think we chased 9 of them out of our field that day.

I hate to tell Maya, but if we ever leave the farm, her friends are NOT coming with us.

Maya and Bandit

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