Journey – New Album – Freedom

Journey - Freedom
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Journey - New Album - Freedom

Wow, what can I say? It has been eleven years since we have heard anything new from the band and all I can say is it was certainly worth the wait. The first thing I noticed is that it is nice to hear Arnel singing like Arnel and not trying to imitate Steve Perry. The next thing I noticed is that they stepped it up a few times and this album is more Rock and Roll and less pop.

I loved the range of Arnel’s voice on “All Day And All Night” and “Don’t Go”. Neal’s signature guitar sound is very present on this album as well.

There are 15 new songs (unless you consider “The Way We Used To Be” – pre-released in 2021, not a new song) and they all rock and have that classic Journey sound.

The artwork on the album is classic Journey scarab (beetle) is present on the cover, which has a strong Captured look and feel to it.

The line-up on the album is Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Deen Castronovo, and Arnel Pineda, plus Jason Derlatka and Todd Jensen, Randy Jackson and Narada Michael Walden are on the album as well.

For a bunch of guys in their mid to late 60’s (Jonathan Cain is in his 70’s), they still ROCK!

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