Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach Sebastian certainly isn’t new to the rock scene, being the frontman for Skid Row from 1987 to 1996, you know, when Skid Row was good. He fronted the band with songs ‘18 and Life‘ ‘Rattlesnake Shake‘, ‘Youth Gone Wild‘ and ‘I Remember You‘ from the ‘Skid Row‘ album. And ‘Slave to the Grind‘… Continue reading Sebastian Bach

Pistols At Dawn

Pistols At Dawn Pistols At Dawn is an American professional hard rock band from Atlanta formed in 2015 by drummer Adam Jaffe, guitarist Devin White, guitarist Mike Buffa, and bassist Billy Sullivan. Virtuoso guitarist Buffa died tragically in 2018, losing his battle with stage IV cancer. The band was founded in 2015, by Devin White… Continue reading Pistols At Dawn

Falling in Reverse

Falling In Reverse I’m not going to get into all the controversy about the band’s lead singer Ronnie Radke, this post is focusing on their music. I really don’t subscribe to all this cancel crap. Falling in Reverse burst into the mainstream with their 2020 song “Popular Monster“. However, they have been a band performing… Continue reading Falling in Reverse

Rylee Preston

Rylee Preston I normally prefer hard rock and metal, but I will and do listen to just about everything. The artist that I’m talking about in this post is Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and Model Rylee Preston. I first heard her on YouTube, signing Soldier’s Light which is a tribute to the military. She wrote that… Continue reading Rylee Preston