Pistols At Dawn

Pistols At Dawn Pistols At Dawn is an American professional hard rock band from Atlanta formed in 2015 by drummer Adam Jaffe, guitarist Devin White, guitarist Mike Buffa, and bassist Billy Sullivan. Virtuoso guitarist Buffa died tragically in 2018, losing his battle with stage IV cancer. The band was founded in 2015, by Devin White… Continue reading Pistols At Dawn


Otherwise American hard rock band Otherwise started in Las Vegas, in 2004 when brothers Adrian and Ryan Patrick got together and played in front of their parents. Over the years they have had their ups and downs, and they have six albums to their name, Otherwise (2006); True Love Never Dies (2012); Peace at All… Continue reading Otherwise


Atreyu These guys have been together for a long time, but aren’t hitting the mainstream yet for some reason. I was hooked after I heard their first song. It was about a month ago when I heard Drownng on the radio, yes, I’m one of the few people left in the world that still listen… Continue reading Atreyu