It’s Dorothy Sucka

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It's Dorothy Sucka

I understand that the band has been around for a little while, they are new to me and likely new to many of you. Dorothy broke onto the LA music scene in 2014 and they have a small following, but their latest single “Rest in Peace” will surely get them many more fans. Rolling Stone magazine stated that Dorothy is “a band you need to know,” (2014)

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Dorothy - Rest In Peace

The lady behind those powerful vocals is none other than 37 years old Hungarian singer Dorothy Martin (born in Budapest but raised in San Diego). The band can rock and is classified as rock and roll, and retro-rock, but I can really feel a strong Nashville vibe with some blues tossed in for good measure. I would say that they are modern ‘Rock and Soul’.

The band comprises singer Dorothy Martin, Devon Pangle on guitar, Jason Ganberg on drums and percussion, Eli Wulfmeier on guitar and backing vocals, and Eliot Lorango on bass and backing vocals. They got a huge break when JAY-Z signed them on his Roc Nation and if you know anything about JAY-Z, he makes stars and only signs the best and Dorothy fits that bill.

Dorothy is in the middle of their tour, playing primarily west coast venues, with some east coast and a few southern locations mixed in for good measure. You check out the dates on and snag some tickets for the venue closest to your town and visit their online store to snag some awesome Dorothy merch.

There are so many great bands out there that you never hear of. New music is the only reason why I stream radio and do not listen to MP3s all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I have a nice collection of MP3s, but I listen to WWUZ 96.9 with Brady in the Morning and 101.5 Bob Rocks! in the afternoon which is where I first heard Dorothy.

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