Freedom isn’t Free

That is such BS
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Freedom Isn't Free

I usually don’t step into Steven’s swim lane and post in his category, but this one pissed me off. It seems that Pat Burke who is an elected official for the 142nd district of the New York State Assembly, has lost his way and I’m concerned about his tweet

“I’m introducing a bill that allows insurance providers to deny coverage for Covid related treatment to those who refuse to be vaccinated. Do your part or pay your own way. Freedom isn’t free.”

Freedom isn't Free

I’m going to skip over all the COVID-19 rhetoric and go straight to the point that pisses me off.

Anytime this POS wants to meet a U.S. Veteran face to face and tell them that “Freedom isn’t Free” because they didn’t get the vaccine, and see how that turns out for him. He hasn’t served one single day in the U.S. Military, never raised his hand to support and defend the Constitution of the United States (maybe he did for his cheesy ass Assembly office), never signed on the dotted line to give his life if needed and he has no right to state that “Freedom isn’t Free”, period. He has no right to twist that around and state that you aren’t doing your part if you don’t get vaccinated. What a cheese dick.

Looking at his record, he has managed to sell out to every possible BS hot topic of the week group that will put money in his pocket and gets him re-elected.

I’m so tired of these POS sell-outs.

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