My Dentist Isn’t Very Happy With Me

My dentist is pissed off

My Dentist Isn’t Very Happy With Me

My teeth are in some rather rough shape as of late and I can’t do much about it. Let me explain what is going on. In 2020 and 2021, I went hog wild and got all of my dental issues resolved. Then my medical issues really started to screw with me, and I couldn’t get to the dentist until almost a year later.

My medicines and my autoimmune diseases started to rapidly weaken my teeth. I called my dentist and they got me an emergency appointment that same week.

My dentist agrees that there isn’t much I can do, due to my medical issues. If you aren’t aware, many autoimmune disorders weaken teeth, and if the disorders don’t jack with the teeth, the medications to help combat the diseases often cause dry mouth or other issues that help to destroy the teeth.

My teeth aren’t actually rotting, they aren’t full of cavities, instead, they are super brittle and they fracture at the smallest of pressure. At night, I wear a mouth guard to help make sure I don’t fracture them by clenching my teeth as I sleep. This week alone I fractured a tooth, eating a piece of licorice, and another tooth fractured eating a piece of soft bread.

I have several options, one being that I just deal with it or I could stop all my medications, but I rather not do that. Another option is to have them all yanked, or I can cap them as they get damaged. I have opted for the cap them as they get damaged.

The below photo shows you the fracture lines that are already on the teeth.

Tooth damage

Yeah, I know the mustache is out of control, it actually isn’t, it is just how I’m holding my mouth for the photo.

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