Journey to Release A New Album

Journey Freedom 2022 Album

Journey to Release A New Album

I’m getting stoked that Journey, my all-time favorite rock band, dating back from the 70s when I was a kid, is gearing up to release their latest album, er cd, er mp3, ugh, I think “album” is the right word for now, but to be honest I really don’t know and honestly don’t care. I’m going with “album”, done.

Recently they released the title for their newest album (Freedom) and the tracklist.

Journey, ‘Freedom’ Track Listing

  1. “Together We Run”
  2. “Don’t Give Up on Us”
  3. “Still Believe in Love”
  4. “You Got the Best of Me”
  5. “Live to Love Again”
  6. “The Way We Used to Be”
  7. “Come Away With Me”
  8. “After Glow”
  9. “Let it Rain”
  10. “Holdin On”
  11. “All Day All Night”
  12. “Don’t Go”
  13. “United We Stand”
  14. “Life Rolls On”
  15. “Beautiful as You Are”

Thank you to Ultimate Classic Rock’s website for the track list, you guys, uhm, ROCK!

The band also recently announced that former Journey backup singer and drummer Deen Castronovo is back on the drums, rejoining after being fired in 2015 after a domestic violence arrest and probation time served. The band also recently announced that drummer Narada Michael Walden is no longer in the band, stating that he just did not work out.

Journey must be one difficult band to be part of as some fairly major artists have been in the band and got the boot, including singers Jeff Scott Soto and Steve Augeri; Drummers Steve Smith and Jazz fusion drummer Omar Hakin and off again, again member Bassist Randy Jackson.

In 2006, I got the privilege of seeing Jeff Scott Soto at his very first concert with Journey. Steve Augeri was still in the band and they were playing near me and I went expecting to see Steve Augeri (who I was NOT a fan of) and got to see Jeff Scott Soto. I have always liked Jeff’s voice and when they got on stage and announced that Steve was out and Jeff was filling in for Steve for tonight’s concert to show him some love, I was stoked and Jeff kicked ass, to say the least. In fact, minus one or two songs, he nailed every word and hit every note with nearly the range of Steve Perry. It was an awesome concert and a treat to see Jeff on stage with Journey.

I am not a super huge fan of Arnel, but regardless, I am excited to hear the new tunes. I think why I am not a big fan is that Steve Augeri and Arnel tried to sing like Steve Perry. Sorry, you do not have Steve’s range, so fake it and be you and sing the songs with your voice and you might get more fans. Do not imitate, be original, period.

Keep an eye out for the music, due out sometime in 2022, my guess is in the next few months as the Freedom tour is already underway, and I bet the album will support it very soon.


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