Unprotected Sneezes and Cough

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Unprotected Sneezes and Cough

Average Joe took over Pet Peeves this week

In the world of COVID, this couldn’t be any more real than it is today. And after two years of COVID, I still see people coughing without thought for others.

I was a Busch Gardens a few weeks ago and I’m coming off a ride as I walk out the gate of the ride, there was this lady that turns to face me and starts coughing in my face, which really pissed me off, in fact, I was very upset and my wife keeps trying to keep be calm. I mean she coughed three times, right in my face. And I was so pissed because I just got over COVID four weeks prior.

I was on travel for work and I contracted COVID (LINK TO POST). I worked two years onsite during the pandemic and I get COVID on official travel. COVID-19 itself was rather short-lived for me, I’m sure with all the medications that I’m on, that COVID didn’t stand a chance of surviving in my chemical-filled body. But I have been fighting bronchitis since I got over COVID.

So back to Busch Gardens, I walk off the ride and this lady is coughing in my face, and I mean right in my face, in fact, some of the droplets hit me in my face. I’m pissed and my wife calms me down. I know you all are saying that you can’t get COVID again after you got it. Well, that isn’t true and if you are immunocompromised like I am, you can actually get it again rather soon.

My steroids end today and the antibiotics for bronchitis end in a day or two this afternoon, I started coughing again. I’m sure it is just bronchitis, but, still.

Now back to the original post, why can’t people cover up their faces when they cough or sneeze? When the pandemic first started, I was laughing at the signs and commercials that were instructing people to cough into their arms or elbow and how to wash their hands. It is hard to believe that in today’s world in 2022, we have to still teach adults how to cough and sneeze. I get children and maybe young adults, but fully grown mature adults, seriously???

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