Marine Does Good and Gets Arrested

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Marine Does Good and Gets Arrested

Are you serious, about calling Daniel Penny the decorated Marine Corps Veteran (Sgt) a vigilante because he helped to save people from someone on a subway? First, genius, a vigilante is defined as “a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.”

I’m not sure if the Marine was a member of a self-appointed group of citizens. Secondly, I’m sure no one thought that the NYPD couldn’t handle the situation. They were not there, so someone had to act.

Let me paint the picture from the facts, and try to keep all the bullshit out of this.

Daniel Penny using a choke hold on Jordan Neely

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023, onboard the F-train on the New York subway system (MTA New York City Transit), that was heading Broadway-Lafayette stop. Around 2:30 PM, 30-year-old, Jordan Neely, who is homeless and makes money mostly as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Neely has a history of mental illness as well as a history of arrests, 44 arrests to be exact, by the NYPD (with an active felony warrant out for his arrest for assault, in 2021) Most of his arrests are subway related, including disorderly conduct, assault, and fare evasion.

Neely was supposedly well known in the area and was often on the F-train and in the subway stations in the area.

According to bystanders, the incident reportedly started when Neely was asked to please stop harassing people on the train. Some bystanders are stating that Neely was harassing people, acting aggressively, getting in their faces, throwing garbage, and threatening commuters. Riders state that Neely started to shout “I want food“, “I’m not taking no for an answer“, “I’m ready to go back to jail” and “I’ll hurt anyone on this train“.

Neely’s history of assault charges would support this.

At some point, Neeley and the unnamed Marine got into a verbal confrontation, which resulted in the Marine and two other riders, subduing Neely, with the Marine having him in a headlock hold for 2 minutes and 55 seconds (though one rider said it was more like 15 minutes). The three let go of Neely and he lay lifeless on the floor when the Marine started to administer CPR. At some point, while Neely was being subdued, the Marine asked others on the train to call 911.

It didn’t take long for the lies to start to spread, in fact, one such lie was being spread by Rafael Shimunov, co-host of the radio show Beyond the Pale on WBAI, who said that all Neely did was throw his jacket to the ground and ask straphangers for food and water.

(He was) a hungry New Yorker choked to death by a grinning Marine who is being celebrated as a hero by NYPD and press,” Shimunov tweeted. “His offense? ‘Aggressive speech.’

That seems to go against all those people who were actually on the train car and witnessed what actually happened.

The lies spread and the protests started. People, who were not on the train at the time of this incident are calling for all three people involved in holding Neely down to be arrested as they claim Neely was not provoking anyone and the Marine was just looking for a fight. In fact, CBS News 2 in New York, claimed that someone said “It did not appear that this man who seemed to be suffering from some kind of mental disturbance, was seeking to assault anyone”.

What I find so interesting, are all these people protesting for this man, most likely those who did not know him, and state things like we need “more compassion for our homeless population”. This has nothing to do with Neely being homeless, nothing to do with him being black, and everything do to with mental health.

The interesting part of all this is that if Neely had a gun and shot and killed several people, then they would certainly not be saying that, now would they? They would be calling the Marine a hero and singing his praise.

Of course, BLM has to get involved and run their mouths about something that they should not be involved in. Hawk Newsome from BLM New York, is calling for all three people involved in holding Neely, to be arrested and charged with Murder. Not sure what they are going to be arrested on, as, you know, the law and they didn’t do a crime, but sure, let’s just arrest them.

Well, genius, first of all, Murder, is “premeditated” and I’m sure that the Marine and those two other people, didn’t get on the F-train and seek to murder Neely.

Other BLM supporters are stating that the Mayor failed black people yet again and that Neely might have been targeted as a hate crime.

Here are the rules for these kinds of things:

If you were not there, then sit down, butt out, and shut up. When you run your mouth about things that you have no idea about, you sound stupid, period.

As long as you felt that you or others were in danger from someone, then you can legally subdue the attacker. Was a choke hold the correct move? Well, only the Marine can answer that, as he was right there and had to act.

Of course, the MSM who are clueless about anything in the real world, reported on the story and some of the reports are hard to watch, not because of violence, but because of how stupid the reporters and protesters sound. I swear I lose brain cells every time I hear things like this.

In a CNN report in October 2022, a grime picture of crime on the subway system was painted by New York Mayor Eric Adams. Crime is up more than 40% on the system and much of that crime increase is violent crimes.

NYC has a Bystander Intervention program, where they teach residents to use the four D’s (direct, distract, delegate, delay) and to call out negative behavior, tell the person to stop, or ask the victim if they are OK. And when this Marine does this exact thing, and then the bad guy gets out of control, he has to defend himself and this is the shit that happens.

If this was a white homeless man and a black Marine, there would not be a big problem. I’m sorry, but everyone knows that I’m right on this, it happens all the time.

Bystander Camille Garreaud explained it very well in my opinion. “It is an unfortunate situation, but at the same time.. okay well, we all want to feel safe at some point”

To flip the script, here is a story on the other side of the spectrum, where the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), in Pennsylvania, has asked people to step up and speak up when they see a crime happening in front of them. That statement was in response to a rape of a woman in 2022 on one of their trains. Bystanders, just watched what was going on and did nothing. In fact, some of them even hold up their phones to record it.  –

The one very important takeaway from all this is the state of mental health in this country. We are in a very bad place right now and there isn’t an easy solution to it. We really need to focus on fixing mental health issues in this country and helping those that need help. In the case of Neely, he dropped into a deep depression after his mother was brutally murdered by his stepfather in 2007. Since that was never properly dealt with when he was younger, he had major issues as an adult. First, his father had major mental health issues. I mean a sane person does not strangle your spouse and then get this shit, stuff her in a suitcase. And if you are 14 years old and watched that shit happen, yeah, you are going to have problems if not properly dealt with. And if that isn’t bad enough, his sister was also murdered.

Adolfo Abreu “It doing to leave people to deputize themselves”. What in the hell are you talking about?


Actual cellphone video of Penny having Neely in the chock hold

This is the video of the actual chokehold, where Neely dies. You are an adult, you have been warned. 

CBS News 2

and the Marine Corps did not comment on the investigation“. I just want to ask the question, why in the hell would the U.S. Marine Corps comment about a Marine Veteran? When you leave the military, you are out, and they don’t care about you, unless they need you back for some reason, period.

CBS News 2
Fox News 5
PIX11 News
ABC 7 Eyewitness News NYC
My Thoughts On This

Someone needed to act, and as a Marine veteran, that is what we are trained for. So naturally the Marine vet acts, getting control of Neely. Was the chokehold excessive? Very likely yes, but keep in mind, Marines are trained to kill, not mame or injure. He should have shown some restraint and I’m sorry that Neely had to die, but I guess you can go with “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes”.

Neely was totally out of control and had a history of doing this. You also need to remember, that the NY Subway, is not like the subway that you have likely ridden, there are people who live on some of the trains and in the stations. There is a ton of crime in and around the subway and people just don’t sit down and mind their own business, but that is for a different post.

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Welcome to the Average Joe Weekly blog. This is basically my place on the web where I can help spread some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I served 10+ years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty, but that was some 25 years ago.

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